FTC To Review Microsoft Activision Buy, As Sony Acquires Bungie

Sony spends $3.6 billion to acquire Halo and Destiny developer Bungie, as US regulator reviews Microsoft's deal for Activision

5 months ago

Tesla Stops Gaming While Moving, Amid US Safety Investigation

Amid US safety investigation, Tesla says it will stop allowing computer games to be played on the car’s central touchscreen

6 months ago

US Opens Tesla Investigation Over In-Car Computer Games

US safety regulators begin probe over complaint that drivers can actually play computer games on central touchscreen when driving

7 months ago

Fortnite To Withdraw From China Amid Gaming Crackdown

Chinese version of Fortnite will be closed down on 15 November, after Beijing introduced tough new laws limiting online gaming

8 months ago

EA Games Hacked, Source Code Stolen

Hackers compromise systems of Electronic Arts, and steal valuable source code to big name computer games, as well as internal…

1 year ago

Nvidia Driver For New GPU Card Restricts Cryptomining

Global shortages of GPU cards for gamers and digital artists, sees Nvidia trying to stop new cards being snapped up…

1 year ago

Apple Deletes 39,000 Games From Chinese App Store

Mass purge of unlicensed gaming apps on Apple's Chinese app store, ahead of local law requiring publishers to obtain licence

2 years ago

Fortnite To Return To iPhones Via Cloud Gaming Service

Look Ma, no app...Epic Games bypasses Apple App Store ban on Fortnite by making it available via Nvidia's game streaming…

2 years ago

Nintendo Shuts the Lid On 3DS

Nearly a decade after it first launched, Japanese gaming giant Nintendo discontinues its popular 3DS handheld gaming device

2 years ago

Apple Modifies App Store Rules Amidst In-App Payments Row

Apple changes App Store guidelines to respond to criticism over in-app payment restrictions, but Epic Games is still left out…

2 years ago

PUBG Cuts Tencent Ties After Indian Ban

Effort to persuade Indian authorities not to ban PUBG Mobile, sees South Korean developer cut ties to Chinese publisher Tencent

2 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Commodore 64

ZX Spectrum rival and best selling computer of all time, the Commodore 64 was a hugely popular home computer

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Nokia 3310

Take a very tough mobile phone, add a dash of Snake and a generous helping of battery life, and you…

5 years ago

Tales In Tech History: ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum was arguably the high point of the British home computer challenge to the Americans in the 1980s

5 years ago

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Tells Court That Oculus VR Theft Claims Are ‘Wrong’

Oculus' products are built on its own code, says Facebook chief executive in court testimony

5 years ago

10 Of The Best Puzzle Games For Smartphones And Tablets

Tease your brain with our guide to the best puzzle games

7 years ago

Top 10 Rugby World Cup Apps

Get ready for the Rugby World Cup by crouching, binding and setting with these rugby apps

7 years ago

Microsoft Sees Minecraft As Learning Tool For Schools

Microsoft is to launch Minecraft portal for teachers to share ideas about how game can be used to teach maths,…

7 years ago

10 Apps To Kill Time

Got some time to kill? Here are 10 apps that can make it seem swift and merciful

7 years ago

Microsoft In Talks To Buy Minecraft Firm

Redmond could be about to spend a large amount of money to acquire the firm behind the Minecraft game

8 years ago

Google Reportedly Buying Twitch Game Streaming Service

As gaming becomes more mainstream, could Twitch be the next YouTube?

8 years ago

OFT Proposes In-App Purchase Crackdown

The OFT has published its proposals to tackle the growing problem caused by in-app purchases

9 years ago

Ubisoft Hacked As Passwords Pilfered

Ubisoft attacked again - Knights Templar not suspected

9 years ago

AMD Reveals First 5GHz Processor With Gaming FX-9590

AMD has unveiled the industry's first commercial 5GHz CPU after rolling out the FX-9590 processor

9 years ago

Office Of Fair Trading Launches In-App Purchase Investigation

OFT see whether children and parents are being encouraged to make expensive purchases in free apps and games

9 years ago

Game Makers Dominate Mobile App Market

Only a few mobile application developers are able to achieve visibility, according to a new study, with more than half…

10 years ago

Zynga Shares Fall Ahead Of Expected Q3 Loss

Social game developer Zynga expects to make a loss in Q3, raising questions about its future

10 years ago

Call Of Duty Malware “Patch” Creator Jailed

Cybercrime discovered while investigating a real-world robbery

10 years ago

MindGames Releases Mind Control iOS Game 28 Spoons Later

Icelandic developers release zombie-themed game that could help treat children with ADHD

11 years ago