Galileo Satellite Navigation System Suffers Major Outage

Disruption means receivers are not picking up usable signals 'until futher notice', reportedly due to a fault at a ground…

2 years ago

UK Set To Announce Funding For Independent Satellite System

The government has reportedly cleared the way for work to begin on a navigation system to rival the EU's Galileo

3 years ago

Europe’s Galileo Sat Nav System Goes Live

Seventeen years in the planning, delayed and over budget, but 2016 witnesses the arrival of Europe's answer to the GPS…

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: GPS

A product resulting from the Cold War, the GPS system has transformed people's lives and indeed journeys

4 years ago

Hacking Team: Galileo Surveillance Tool Now ‘Obsolete’

The Milan surveillance tools maker said the surveillance source code released last week is now effectively useless

6 years ago

Galileo Satellites Launched Into Wrong Orbit

The two Galileo navigation satellites launched on Friday have entered a 'noncompliant orbit', space officials said

7 years ago

Intel Shows A Glimpse Of The Future: Gallery

Smart cars and gesture interfaces will become mainstream in the next few years, says Intel

7 years ago

European Satellite Navigation Competition Opens To Developers

Participants get the first opportunity to play around with data produced by the brand new Galileo satellites

8 years ago

Sony Xperia Phones To Use Russian GLONASS Sat Nav System

Sony says using both GPS and GLONASS will make navigation and positioning more accurate

9 years ago

CSR Promises Indoor Navigation With New Chip

CSR has developed a 'breakthrough' chip that it says can even work indoors, and tell what floor you are on

9 years ago

Galileo Navigation Satellites Lift Off Thursday

Europe's answer to America's Global Positioning System (GPS) is set to be launched into space this week

9 years ago

WikiLeaks Gets German Satellite Boss Sacked

WikiLeaks says satellite CEO slated Europe's GPS rival... but still signed a contract to build it

10 years ago