Galaxy Nexus

Google Develops Own Processor For Pixel Smartphones

Sorry Qualcomm. Pixel 6 smartphones arriving later this year will feature in-house Tensor processors designed by Google itself

3 months ago

KitKat Now On 1.4 Percent Of Android Devices

Various flavours of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean still lead the way though

8 years ago

Samsung Appeals Apple’s Galaxy Nexus Injunction

US District Court grants Apple preliminary injunction ahead of decision on four patents

9 years ago

Android Tweaks May Double Performance

Linaro's Android 4.04 performance-boosting updates, are available for Galaxy Nexus handsets

9 years ago

Samsung Gets A Minor Court Win Against Apple

With no ban on its products, the Korean company fights on

9 years ago

MWC 2012: Huawei Claims Ascend D Is The Fastest Smartphone Ever

The new quad-core smartphone will trample over iPhone and Galaxy Nexus, says Huawei

10 years ago

Win A Samsung Galaxy Nexus With TechWeekEurope UK

Join us on Google+ for the chance to win Google and Samsung's flagship Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone

10 years ago

Apple’s Samsung Lawsuit Covers Eight Patents And 17 Products

Apple has broadened its patent claims to cover a wider range of Samsung mobile products

10 years ago

Apple Targets Google’s Nexus Flagship Phone In Latest Legal Battle

Apple US filing claims Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone, Google's reference model, infringes on four key patents

10 years ago

Apple Fails In German Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Ban Bid

A Munich court casts doubt on the validity of an Apple scrolling patent

10 years ago

“Ice Cream” Nexus S Update Put On Test By Google

Google employee reveals on social media he is testing Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich update

10 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Plagued By Volume Bug

Samsung has promised a fix for Galaxy Nexus users who are complaining of sudden losses in volume

10 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Launches Nationwide Today

Google's new flagship is now available across the UK following yesterdays launch

10 years ago

Google: Nexus S To Get Cool ‘Sandwich’ Update

Nexus S users will be able to use the latest "buttersilk smooth" Android update but Nexus One is too old

10 years ago