galaxy fold

Apple Patent For No-Crease Folding iPhone Screen Approved

Is Apple developing a folding phone? Reports surface after Apple has a patent approved for a special hinge mechanism for…

6 months ago

Motorola Razr Debuts As A Foldable, Flip Phone

Return of iconic phone that fits comfortably in a trouser pocket, as Motorola unveils Razr folding flip smartphone

9 months ago

Samsung Added ‘Chainmail Armour’ To Galaxy Fold Screen – iFixit

Teardown specialists reveal what changes Samsung made to rectify problems with the Galaxy Fold

10 months ago

IFA 2019: Samsung Galaxy Fold Relaunch Set For 6 September

Samsung will relaunch its troubled foldable phone at the end of the week, starting in South Korea

11 months ago

Huawei Delays Launch Of Foldable Mate X Again

Launch of foldable device delayed again until after November, following cancellation of June arrival

12 months ago

Samsung Galaxy Fold To Relaunch In September

Take two. Samsung says September will see relaunch of its Galaxy Fold in selected markets

1 year ago

Samsung Boss Admits Rushing Galaxy Fold Launch

Launch flop of hugely expensive folding smartphone 'embarrassing', admits CEO of Samsung

1 year ago

Samsung Galaxy Fold ‘Ready’ For Launch

Take two. Samsung executive confirms folding smartphone-tablet hybrid is fixed and ready for launch

1 year ago

Huwaei Delays Flagship Mate X Folding Phone

Company says it is being more 'cautious' after issues with Samsung's Galaxy Fold, as it carries out additional 5G tests…

1 year ago

Samsung Ready With Galaxy Fold Fix – Report

Electronics giant reportedly solves the problem with its folding smartphone with hinge and screen changes

1 year ago

Profits Slump At Samsung Due To Chip Sale Slowdown

Better times ahead predicts South Korean electronics giant after profits take a hit in the first quarter

1 year ago

Samsung Postpones Galaxy Fold Launch Over Screen Failures

Company says it will push back folding smartphone debut after some reviewers found displays developed faults after less than 48…

1 year ago

Samsung Halts Galaxy Fold Media Events In China

After a few display issues, Samsung delays Chinese media events for innovative Galaxy Fold smartphone

1 year ago

Samsung Galaxy Fold Trouble For Some Reviewers

Some reviewers report trouble with the innovative display of the $2,000 folding smartphone

1 year ago

MWC 2019: Huawei Upstages Samsung With Folding 5G Mate X

Huawei claims its device folds thinner and flatter than Samsung's, and adds 5G – all for an eye-watering 2,299 euros

1 year ago

Samsung Bets On Mobile ‘Future’ With Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10

The folding-screen device is set to launch in April, with a hefty price tag of nearly $2,000 – more than…

1 year ago