Apple Rejects Epic Games Fortnite Request In South Korea

Not having it. Despite South Korea ban on payment commission charges, Apple has refused to reinstate Epic Games account in…

2 months ago

Apple Vs Epic Games Court Battle Continues

Second day of courtroom showdown in the US reveals Epic Games management would have accepted a special commission deal with…

6 months ago

Epic Games Files Apple Antitrust Complaint With EU

Epic Games presses nuclear option and files an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission

8 months ago

Fortnite Maker Expands Apple Dispute To UK

Fortnite developer Epic Games launches legal action against Apple and Google in the UK, as it seeks changes to 'unfair'…

9 months ago

Fortnite To Return To iPhones Via Cloud Gaming Service

Look Ma, no app...Epic Games bypasses Apple App Store ban on Fortnite by making it available via Nvidia's game streaming…

11 months ago

Apple Lowers Commission Charges For Small Developers

Sorry Epic Games, not you. Developers who earn less than $1m per year will see Apple commission charges drop from…

11 months ago

Apple To Withdraw User ID Logins For Fortnite Gamers

Urgent warning from Epic Games that Apple will withdraw the Apple ID sign-in for Fortnite etc, due to ongoing legal…

1 year ago

Apple Counter-sues Fortnite’s Epic Games

The Empire strikes back. Apple seeks damages from Epic Games for stealing commission charges, as it launches counter lawsuit

1 year ago

Epic Games Asks Court To Restore Fornite To App Store

Epic Games hammers on Apple App Store door...'let us back in', as court filing reveals Fortnite use on iOS platforms…

1 year ago

Apple Tells Judge Fortnite Row ‘Of Epic’s Own Making’

Apple tells court Fortnite can return to App Store as soon as Epic removes its independent payment system, amidst antitrust…

1 year ago

Google Called ‘Irresponsible’ For Quick Disclosure Of Fortnite Flaw

Epic Games has accused Google of trying to score 'cheap PR points' with its disclosure of the bug before a…

3 years ago