Apple Lowers Sales Forecast, Blames China Slowdown

Investor confidence shaken as Apple sees slower iPhone sales both in China and in other countries

3 years ago

Global Security Market Worth £43Bn This Year

Security vendors are to benefit from the big growth in the security technology market going forward

9 years ago

Samsung Predicts Huge Profit Increase

Samsung has forecast an impressive rise in profits thanks to its domination of the smartphone market

9 years ago

HP Cuts Forecast As Whitman Warns On Turnaround

HP CEO Meg Whitman has warned that it will take four to five years to turn around the fortunes of…

10 years ago

Gartner Raises Forecast For Public Cloud Services

The market for subscription web services is now expected to grow 19.6 percent this year to $109bn worldwide, with business…

10 years ago