folding phone

Apple Developing Foldable iPhone For 2023 – Report

Noted Apple analyst predicts Apple will launch a foldable iPhone in 2023, as next innovation for high-end smartphones after 5G

9 months ago

Oppo Shows ‘Expanding Phone’ Prototype

Oppo provides hands-on demonstrations of Oppo X 2021 smartphone prototype with flexible OLED display that rolls and unrolls inside device

11 months ago

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 To Cost $1,999

Not getting any cheaper. Second generation of Samsung's folding phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, will still cost an eye…

1 year ago

Samsung Offers Glimpse Of Galaxy Z Flip Smartphone

Electronics giant Samsung offers a surprise teaser of square folding smartphone during Academy Awards event

2 years ago

Apple Patent For No-Crease Folding iPhone Screen Approved

Is Apple developing a folding phone? Reports surface after Apple has a patent approved for a special hinge mechanism for…

2 years ago

CES 2020: Lenovo Shows Off First 5G PC, Plus ThinkPad X1 Fold

Chinese vendor claims two world firsts, with first ever 5G PC (Lenovo Yoga 5G) and first ever foldable PC (ThinkPad…

2 years ago

Motorola Delays Arrival Of Razr Folding Phone

Too much demand? Lenovo-owned Motorola delays launch of Razr folding flip smartphone, citing “high demand” as the main reason

2 years ago

Samsung Demos Clamshell Folding Phone

Hints at future design? Innovative clamshell folding phone demoed by Samsung in short Youtube video

2 years ago

Huawei Opens Foldable Phone For Pre-Order In China

Have a spare $2400 lying about? Another delayed folding phone is available for pre-order in China

2 years ago

IFA 2019: Samsung Galaxy Fold Relaunch Set For 6 September

Samsung will relaunch its troubled foldable phone at the end of the week, starting in South Korea

2 years ago

Huawei Delays Launch Of Foldable Mate X Again

Launch of foldable device delayed again until after November, following cancellation of June arrival

2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Fold To Relaunch In September

Take two. Samsung says September will see relaunch of its Galaxy Fold in selected markets

3 years ago

Samsung Boss Admits Rushing Galaxy Fold Launch

Launch flop of hugely expensive folding smartphone 'embarrassing', admits CEO of Samsung

3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Fold ‘Ready’ For Launch

Take two. Samsung executive confirms folding smartphone-tablet hybrid is fixed and ready for launch

3 years ago

Huwaei Delays Flagship Mate X Folding Phone

Company says it is being more 'cautious' after issues with Samsung's Galaxy Fold, as it carries out additional 5G tests…

3 years ago

Samsung Ready With Galaxy Fold Fix – Report

Electronics giant reportedly solves the problem with its folding smartphone with hinge and screen changes

3 years ago

Samsung Halts Galaxy Fold Media Events In China

After a few display issues, Samsung delays Chinese media events for innovative Galaxy Fold smartphone

3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Fold Trouble For Some Reviewers

Some reviewers report trouble with the innovative display of the $2,000 folding smartphone

3 years ago

Samsung Shows Off Foldable Phone/Tablet

Are you watching Tim? Much-anticipated foldable phone unveiled this week with bendable 7.3 inch (18.5 cm) screen

3 years ago

Display Maker Debuts World’s First Folding Tablet-Phone

Royole Corp.'s FlexPai, introduced in Beijing this week, has apparently stolen a march on the likes of Samsung, Huawei and…

3 years ago