Old Routers Pose Security Risk, Warns Which?

Elderly routers that can no longer receive firmware updates posed security risk to millions of people, consumer group Which? warns

9 months ago

Intel Ships Revised Spectre Patches

Chip giant rolls out revised Spectre patches, after initial fix proved worse than the bug it was supposed to repair

4 years ago

US Government Warns Businesses Over Intel Management Engine Flaw

Business PCs from Dell, Lenovo, HP and others contain flawed software that shipped with Intel processors

4 years ago

Firmware Flaw Leaves Netgear Routers Vulnerable To Hacker Takover

Hackers can exploit a command injection flaw to execute malicious code on Netgear routers

5 years ago

Firmware Flaw Affects Lenovo ThinkPads, Other PC Makers’ Hardware

ANALYSIS: New zero-day vulnerability may also affect computers from other makers that used similar Intel UEFI reference code to create…

6 years ago

Satellite Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Could Be Used To Hack Aircraft Says Researcher

Flaws in SATCOM firmware could compromise security of planes and ships, warns Ruben Santamarta, who will show his findings at…

7 years ago

Bristol’s XMOS Joins EU Project For Efficient Chips

The European ENTRA project will build energy awareness into the chip design stage, to make gadgets more efficient

8 years ago

Microsoft Blames Firmware Update For Cloud Failure

A firmware update caused a data centre temperature spike, that in turn nixed access to Hotmail and

9 years ago

HP Dismisses Malicious Printer Hijack Hack

Firmware print job redirection hack publicly demonstrated by a Columbia University team disputed by HP

10 years ago