Iran Tests Firewall To Counter Stuxnet Threats

Industrial systems now protected from foreign cyber threats, Iran tells world after alleging Israeli attack

3 years ago

‘BlackNurse’ Firewall Bug Heightens DDoS Risk

UPDATED: A bug in firewalls from Cisco and others would allow a single laptop to take large websites offline

6 years ago

Bart Ransomware ‘Bypasses Corporate Firewalls’

The 'Bart' ransomware doesn't need to connect to an external server before encrypting a system's files and demanding £1,500

6 years ago

Cisco Touts Benefits Of ‘Simplified’ Security For IoT Era With New Firewalls, Software

Cisco says its threat-focused next generation firewalls will help firms simplify their security and prevent overcomplication

6 years ago

Cisco Patches Firewall Vulnerability

Shut that door, as Cisco issues a vulnerability alert that affects its front-line defensive firewalls

7 years ago

US Congress To Probe Juniper Networks Firewall Backdoor Code

US congressional probe to investigate who placed the backdoor code into Juniper's firewall software

7 years ago

DDoS Attacks Set To Get Bigger Following 500Gbps World Record

Happy new year. Cyber extortion, DDoS and cloud attacks, plus firewall failures set to increase in next 12 months, acording…

7 years ago

Juniper Discovers Backdoor Code In Firewall

"Now how did that get there?" Juniper finds sneaky code in firewall kit and rushes out patch

7 years ago

Porn Clampdown By Government Questioned

Plan to stop kids accessing smut ignores the fact that most porn websites are hosted outside the UK

7 years ago

Senseless Jane Austen Virus May Offend Your Sensibilities

Computer hackers are hiding malicious code in passages of text from some of the world's greatest novels

7 years ago

Huawei Launches NGFW Card To Make Data Centres SFW

Next-generation firewall card released for Huawei data centre switches

7 years ago