Financial Times

US To Impose Sanctions On China’s Hikvision – Report

Biden administration is targetting Chinese CCTV giant Hikvision with potential sanctions for 'enabling' human rights abuses

3 months ago

Online Safety Bill May Pose Risk To Startups, Suggests Regulator Boss

UK's forthcoming online safety bill risks stifling start-ups, the UK tech regulator chief who will help oversee its eventual implementation

4 months ago

Major Websites Down After Global Outage

Major internet outage knocks oflline big name websites such as UK Government, Amazon, CNN, Bloomberg, Financial Times offline

1 year ago

Vodafone Warns UK Will Lose 5G Lead If Huawei Kit Is Removed

Operator issues second warning about removal of Huawei kit from UK's mobile networks, and said effort should focus on expanding…

2 years ago

Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again With FT Hacks

Financial Times has blogs and Twitter feeds taken over

9 years ago

Maude Launches Government Digital Strategy: FT Innovate 2012

We will make public services agile, flexible and digital by default, says Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude

10 years ago

IT Life: Managing In Financial Times

Christina Scott has worked at the BBC, BT and ITV. Now she's CIO at the Financial Times and looking forward…

10 years ago

Apple’s App Store Policies Have Limited Shelf Life

Apple's massive levy on 'in-app' sales is ample motivation for brands to wriggle free from the App Store, says David…

11 years ago

Amazon And Kobo React To In-App Purchasing Policy

Amazon and Kobo have complied with Apple's in-app policies but Kobo plans to build an HTML5 e-reader app

11 years ago

10 Reasons Why Steve Jobs Earned ‘Person Of The Year’

An incredible comeback year has seen Apple's profits reach record levels, CEO Steve Jobs deserves his place as the FT's…

12 years ago

BT Boss Condemns Government Piracy Measures

Ian Livingstone has spoken out against the government's Digital Economy Bill, saying that file-sharers should be fined rather than cut…

12 years ago