fibre optic

UK Government £4m Trial For Fibre Cables In Water Pipes

Government trial to install fibre cables in water pipes to accelerate rollout of broadband and mobile signals in hard to…

6 months ago

Japan Sets Data Transfer Speed Record Of 319Tbps

Researchers in Japan have set a stunning data transmission speed record of 319Tbps, over a long distance of 3,001km or…

6 months ago

EU Investigates Chinese Fibre Optic Cable Imports

Official investigation to see if imports of fibre optic cables from China are being sold in Europe at artificially low…

1 year ago

BT And Toshiba Showcase UK’s First Secure Quantum Communications

Quantum cryptography is being deployed to make intercepting communications on fibre networks all but impossible

5 years ago

Google Mulls Underwater Cable Investment – Report

Google is reportedly looking to make an investment in a new subsea cable in the Pacific Ocean

8 years ago

Intel Touts 800Gbps Optical Cables For Data Centres

Intel to release new networking technology that will transfer data at speeds of up 800Gbps in each direction

8 years ago

IBM Boffins Tout Multi-Mode Fibre Speed Breakthrough

IBM researchers send 64Gbps down a multi-mode optical fibre cable, so data centre owners have a few more years before…

8 years ago

Infinera And DANTE Set World Record For Multi-Terabit Network Provisioning

A 8Tb/s optical network was set up in under 20 minutes

8 years ago

Google Launches 1Gbps Fibre Service In Kansas City

Residents of Kansas City can now start receiving gigabit-speed Internet thanks to the Google Fibre Service

10 years ago

BRICS To Cable The Southern Hemisphere

A 34,000 km submarine cable network linking five developing countries? Easy, says Andrew Mthembu of i3Africa

10 years ago

New Submarine Fibre Optic Cable To Link BRICS Countries

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will get superfast connection to each other and the United States

10 years ago

Trans-Polar Fibre Links Proposed To Cut London-Japan Latency

Three companies aim to use the North-West Passage for faster fibre cabling

10 years ago

IBM’s Holey Optochip Achieves One Terabit Per Second

Prototype optical chip transfers 1Tbps, and the secret's in the holes, says IBM

10 years ago

Cisco To Buy Optical Networker Lightwire For £171m

Cisco takeover is signal of intent as it makes second significant optical IT acquisition in two years

10 years ago

Cisco Live: CommScope Demonstrates 100GbE Over 430 Metres

CommScope has shown 100GbE running on standard fibre at nearly three times the distance specified in the IEEE standard

10 years ago

Rats Cause Virgin Broadband Outage In Scotland

Some Virgin Media customers in Scotland were briefly left without broadband when rats chewed cables

10 years ago

New Fibre Optic Cable To Boost Transatlantic Comms

The first new transatlantic communications cable in nearly ten years is to be laid in the Atlantic ocean

10 years ago

Advertisers Can Geo-Locate Users With IP Tricks

Geo-location privacy issues are being investigated but IP address pinpointing will be harder to legislate for

11 years ago

Shetland Fibre Project Gets European Green Light

The EU has given a green light for a new fibre optic network connecting residents to superfast broadband

11 years ago

Cornwall To Benefit From Massive Fibre Project

Over 90 percent of homes in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are to get high 'ca-pasty' and superfast broadband,…

11 years ago

Shetlands Get Funding For Fibre Optic Network

Residents of the Shetland Islands will be able to access high-speed broadband, following a cash injection from the European Regional…

11 years ago