fibre deployment

Openreach Doubles Rural Full Fibre Deployment Target

Good new for rural broadband as Openreach doubles its target for 1Gbps full fibre to 6.2 million rural homes and…

8 months ago

BT Raises FTTP Target To 25 Million Premises

Despite a tough financial year, an extra five million premises has been added to BT's deployment of FTTP broadband, creating…

9 months ago

Openreach Moves Customers Away From Copper Network In Salisbury

In a UK first, customers in Salisbury are now no longer able buy landlines or broadband on the copper network,…

1 year ago

Openreach Unveils Plans For Full Fibre In Final Third

Plans to roll out next generation fibre connections in the hardest to reach areas in the United Kingdom revealed by…

1 year ago

Broadband Speeds Rise For British Homes

More speed vicar? Average broadband speeds rise by nearly 20 percent in the last year, Ofcom says

3 years ago

Government Pledges Full Fibre Broadband For Most Homes

Chancellor says 19th century had railways, 20th century motorways, and now we need full-fibre connectivity

4 years ago

Hyperoptic Trials 10Gbps Home Fibre Broadband

Need for speed. ISP claims fastest ever home broadband speed after trial of 10Gbps connection in East London

4 years ago

Fibre Broadband Fraudsters Handed Hefty Jail Sentences

SFO probe leads to conviction of four men involved in bank fraud to fund fibre cables through sewers

5 years ago

‘Flawed’ South Yorkshire Broadband Scheme To Close

Millions of pounds has been wasted after the closure of a local council-backed broadband scheme in South Yorkshire

8 years ago

Government Auditors Slam Rural Broadband Deployment

The rollout of superfast broadband into rural areas has been slammed by government auditors

9 years ago

Government Super-Connected Cities Vision Reduced To Voucher Handout

The Chancellor's grand £150m scheme for superconnected cities has been watered down following ISP objections

9 years ago

Edinburgh Drops Fibre Broadband Plan And Opts For Wi-Fi

Edinburgh has had to kill its fibre plans for more remote parts of the city and has instead opted for…

9 years ago

BT To Extend Fibre Broadband Network To Staffordshire

The £27.35 million project brings superfast connectivity to Stoke-on-Trent, Lichfield and Stafford

9 years ago

Google 1Gbps Fibre Slated For Provo, Utah Arrival

Google's 1 Gbps broadband network is to be deployed next to the lucky residents in Provo, Utah

9 years ago

Cumbria Broadband Delayed Again By European Red Tape

The superfast broadband rollout in Cumbria is facing yet more delays, blamed on red tape from Brussels

9 years ago

France Pledges £17Bn For Superfast Broadband

President Francois Hollande has pledged nearly 20 billion euros to kick-start superfast broadband in France

9 years ago

Lancashire Farmers Connected To DIY 1Gbps Fibre Network

The B4RN broadband project has connected its second village, with Arkholme farmers connecting to a 1 Gbps network

9 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Pledges £24bn For German Fibre And LTE

Deutsche Telekom is to dwarf BT's broadband investment in the UK, with its own 30bn euro (£24bn) programme

9 years ago

BDUK Gains EU Blessing For Superfast Broadband Rollout

The EU approves British plans to roll out superfast broadband to rural communities via the BDUK scheme

9 years ago

BT Shows Off 10Gbps Broadband In Cornwall Trial

BT teamed up with ZTE to demonstrate a live trial of a 10Gbps broadband network down in Cornwall

9 years ago

BT Brings Forward Fibre Broadband Rollout End Date

BT brings forward the date again

9 years ago

Britain Still Lagging In Broadband League Table

New figures from Akamai have revealed that Britain's broadband network continues to trail rival European nations

9 years ago

Google Launches 1Gbps Fibre Service In Kansas City

Residents of Kansas City can now start receiving gigabit-speed Internet thanks to the Google Fibre Service

10 years ago

Government’s BDUK Plan Faces European Objection

The government's BDUK scheme for rural broadband is facing more controversy after European objections

10 years ago

Scottish Complaints Result In More Broadband Cash

The government has provided an extra £32 million in broadband funding after a storm of complaints

10 years ago

Lords Publishes Damning Responses To Government Broadband Plans

The House of Lords has revealed a wide range of expert views on the Government's broadband strategy

10 years ago

Lancashire Volunteers Dig For 1Gbps Broadband Victory

Hundreds of residents fed up with waiting for fibre broadband have begun digging their own fibre trench

10 years ago

Belfast Gets Ready For Ultrafast 1Gbps Broadband Network

Belfast is reportedly using its broadband cash from George Osborne to build a broadband network apparently capable of speeds of…

10 years ago

BT Selects Lucky Oxfordshire Village For All-Fibre-Network

An Oxfordshire village has become the envy of rural Britain after being selected for a all-fibre network

10 years ago

Former BT Exec Warns Fibre Cabinets At Risk Of Battery Theft

Fibre to the cabinet is "one of the biggest mistakes humanity has made" former BT exec tells the House of…

10 years ago