BT Calls For Open Access To Street Furniture For Better Coverage

Want better coverage for 4G and 5G? BT says councils need to stop restricting access to lamp posts

3 years ago

Vodafone CrowdCell To ‘Localise’ Mobile Network Coverage

Small cells can be inserted into cars, drones and buildings to improve local mobile coverage

5 years ago

Vodafone Reveals First Rural Communities To Benefit From Femtocell Scheme

Vodafone lists first 30 communities in Rural Open Sure Signal initiative

7 years ago

Why Small Cells will Win Big

Mobile devices need a lot more network capacity. Kevin Baughan reckons small cells are the way to provide it

9 years ago

Vodafone Uses Open Femto to Fill Shetland 3G Not-Spot

Shared femtos fill in 3G coverage at Walls in Shetland

9 years ago

Virgin Media Business To Offer Small Cell Wholesale Service

Virgin Media Business is offering small cell networks to ease mobile operators' capacity burden

9 years ago

MWC 2012: Cisco Touts Small Cell Solution For Operators

Cisco is to offer a "small cell" solution to provide mobile operators with connectivity across heterogeneous networks

10 years ago

Virgin Media Denies Imminent Femtocell Rollout

Virgin Media has denied it is about to offer its customers femtocells to ease the data burden on mobile networks

10 years ago

Vodafone Extends Rural Femtocell Trial

Vodafone will extend its femtocell trial into more 'not-spot' rural communities, to improve 3G coverage

10 years ago

Government Pledges £150m For More Mobile Towers

The Conservatives have pledged money to improve mobile coverage in the UK's so called not-spots

10 years ago

Smartphones Worse Than 2G Handsets For Rural Calls

Smartphones are slightly worse than 2G handsets for making voice calls in rural areas, research has found

10 years ago

At MWC, eWEEK Will Cover… Cool Phones!

The readers have spoken, and to our relief we can talk about phones at MWC. Next, tell us what tablets…

11 years ago

Personal Femtocell Takes Off For iPhone

A personal femtocell - called an attocell - will let users make calls abroad without roaming, says Keith Day of…

11 years ago

Femtocells To Replace Parts Of The 3G Network

Titchy femtocells - home-3G hot-spots - are growing up and going out on the streets

11 years ago

Femtocell Rollout Speeds Up

As the Femtocells World Summit takes place in London, a new analyst report reveals that deployments of the technology have…

12 years ago

Vodafone Told Off For Femtocell Ad Claims

The advertising regulator has rapped Vodafone over the knuckles concerning an advert claim about its Sure Signal femtocell

12 years ago

Vodafone Announces ‘Out Of Bundle’ Data Charges

Vodafone is bringing in new charges for its Pay Monthly customers who use more than 500MB of data per month

12 years ago