UK Watchdog Warns 50 Crypto Firms Of ‘Misleading Ads’

Enforcement notices dispatched. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority puts 50 crypto firms on notice over 'misleading ads'

2 months ago

UK Regulator Warns Against ‘Illegal’ Crypto Cash Machines

Financial Conduct Authority warns cryptocurrency ATMs operating in UK are illegal and operators must shut them down or face enforcement…

2 months ago

UK To Address Marketing Of High Risk Crypto Investments

British financial watchdog says it will curb the marketing of cryptoassets and other high-risk investments, amid a surge in online…

4 months ago

FCA Expresses Concern At Lack Of Cryptocurrencies Safeguards

Financial Conduct Authority warns bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value

3 years ago

Financial Conduct Authority Proposes Ban On Crypto-Derivatives

FCA finds that derivatives and ETNs referencing crypto-assets are 'poor products' and too risky to be sold to retail investors

3 years ago

Financial Services Firms Report 1,000 Percent Rise In Cyber Incidents

Phishing and ransomware top the list of cyber-attacks reported to the Financial Conduct Authority amidst stricter transparency requirements

3 years ago

European Banks, Regulators Prepare Strict Regulatory Response To Facebook’s Libra

Financial Conduct Authority calls for more information, while Bank of France warns of money-laundering risks

3 years ago

Financial Services Report Five-Fold Rise In Data Breaches

Banks remain a lucrative target for hackers, with prosecutions lagging behind a rise in successful attacks, Financial Conduct Authority figures…

3 years ago

Cryptocurrency Plunge Takes Heat Off UK Regulators

Regulators and government finance officials in the UK are backing away from immediate regulatory action on cryptoassets, as investor interest…

4 years ago

Regulators Consider Record-Breaking £30m Fine For Tesco Bank Hack

The 2016 incident, the first mass breach of accounts at a western bank, forced Tesco's financial arm to temporarily shut…

4 years ago

MPs Call For Regulation Of ‘Wild West’ Cryptocurrencies

Regulators must bring in a minimum of oversight to provide consumer protection and stem money-laundering, argues an influential Parliamentary committee

4 years ago

British Financial Regulator Opens Probe Into Equifax Breach

The Financial Conduct Authority said it has opened an investigation into the breach of 15.2 million UK citizens' records following…

5 years ago

FCA Approves Big Data Use By Insurance Industry

But the financial watchdog warns insurers not to use Big Data to penalise certain customers with higher premiums

6 years ago

Financial Regulator Publishes Final Cloud Rules

The recommendations approve cloud services but recommend clear policies around where data is held

6 years ago