Sting Operation With Underworld App, Results In Hundreds Of Arrests

Police around the world have arrested more than 800 people after using encrypted messaging app An0m developed by law enforcement

1 week ago

DoJ Recovers Most Of Colonial Pipeline Ransom

Follow the money. US Dept of Justice has seized most of the ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline to DarkSide ransomware…

1 week ago

Colonial Pipeline Hack Was Not Intended To ‘Create Problems’

Russian criminal gang that hit major US fuel pipeline with ransomware attack, claim they are just seeking money, not creating…

1 month ago

FBI Arrest Man Over ‘Plot To Blow Up Internet’

Texas man allegedly sought to 'kill off about 70 percent of the internet' to deal blow to 'oligarchy' by blowing…

2 months ago

US CISA, FBI Warn Of Trickbot Phishing Campaign

US CISA, FBI warn of 'sophisticated' attacks that manipulate users into downloading Trickbot via tailored 'traffic violation' emails

3 months ago

Facebook Dismantles Russian Influence Operation After FBI Tip

Russian meddling in the United States has been detected again and dismantled, after Facebook receives tip off from the FBI

10 months ago

Twitter Admits Hackers Viewed Direct Messages Of 36 Accounts

Hackers have read the private DMs (direct messages) of 36 Twitter accounts, including an elected official in the Netherlands

11 months ago

Twitter Admits 130 High Profile Accounts Targeted, As FBI Investigates

Hackers targeted 130 Twitter accounts, as the FBI investigates how the unprecedented hack compromised the firm's internal systems

11 months ago

FBI Criticises Apple For Failing To Help Unlock iPhones

Agency says it had to develop its own tool to access two locked iPhones used by gunman who attacked Pensacola…

1 year ago

FBI Accuses China-linked Hackers Of Attacking Coronavirus Researchers

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security say China-linked hackers are attacking US firms carrying out Covid-19 research

1 year ago

FBI Official Warns Government Hackers Are Targetting Covid-19 Research

Senior FBI official warns foreign government hackers have compromised healthcare firms conducting research for Coronavirus treatments

1 year ago

US Mulls Controlling Stake In Ericsson, Nokia To Counter Huawei

US Attorney General William Barr suggests the US and its allies take 'controlling stakes' in Ericsson, Nokia as a counter…

1 year ago

Apple Dropped iCloud Encryption Plan After FBI Pressure – Report

Privacy versus security. FBI complaint two years ago halted Apple's plans to fully encrypt iCloud backups, it is alleged in…

1 year ago

Two Arrested Over Site Offering 12 Billion Hacked User Records

Arrests in Netherlands and Northern Ireland as FBI seizes WeLeakInfo.com, which offered index of 10,000 data breaches for as little…

1 year ago

President Trump Slams Apple Over Pensacola Shooter Case

President of the US wades into privacy and encryption case of Apple and the unlocking of iPhones belonging to dead…

1 year ago

Apple Hits Back Over ‘Refusal’ To Unlock Pensacola Shooter’s iPhones

Here we go again. US Attorney General says Apple failed to help unlock terrorist iPhones, but Apple says it has…

1 year ago

FBI Warns Of FaceApp ‘Counterintelligence Threat’

Russian connection over app that ages people’s faces, results in FBI issuing an official warning of its 'counterintelligence threat'

2 years ago

Canada Denies Sharing Huawei CFO’s Device Data With FBI

No data abuse by the Mounties. Canada insists it did not share data from Huawei CFO Wanzhou’s devices with the…

2 years ago

Pitney Bowes Says No Data Stolen After Ransomware Attack

Mailing and shipping firm Pitney Bowes has been hit by a ransomware attack, but says no data has been stolen

2 years ago

FBI Warns Businesses, ‘Don’t Pay Ransomware’ Demands

Spate of ransomware attacks sees FBI issue warning to US businesses. Main lesson? Don't pay the criminals and backup often

2 years ago

Hauwei Accuses FBI Of Harassing Workers

Chinese firm alleges FBI is being used to 'threaten, menace, coerce, and incite' its staff after camera allegations

2 years ago

US Government Identifies North Korean Hacking Tool

New malware from North Korea used to raise much needed funds has been identified by FBI and DHS

2 years ago

Citrix Admits Hackers Had System Access For Six Months

Firm only found out it's core internal systems had been hacked after the FBI contacted them

2 years ago

WannaCry ‘Hero’ Marcus Hutchins Pleads Guilty To FBI Malware Charges

British malware researcher, 24, plead guilty to two of the FBI's charges in exchange for authorities dropping the other eight

2 years ago

US Police Cannot Force Suspects To Unlock Devices

Suspects cannot be forced to biometric unlock their devices as it breaks self-incrimination laws, US judge rules

2 years ago

Iranian Nationals Charged In Samsam Ransomware Probe

The two men were allegedly behind a destructive outbreak that affected police and government bodies in Atlanta as well as…

3 years ago

Tesla Receives Subpoenas In US Fraud Probes

The SEC and the FBI have both issued legal writs as they broaden their investigations into Tesla's tumultuous dealings with…

3 years ago

US Government Pressures Facebook Over Messenger Encryption

Officials want Facebook's help to crack encryption, so they can listen to suspect's voice conversations

3 years ago

FBI Warns Of ATM Hacking Campaign

Banks on fraud alert after the FBI warn that thieves could steal cash using cloned ATM cards

3 years ago

Apple Denies Researcher’s Claim Of Passcode Hack

Sorry FBI, no easy way into iPhones after brute force hack of passcode is dismissed by Apple

3 years ago