MGM Hackers Launch New Campaign Targeting Financial Sector

Aggressive hackers behind hacks on Las Vegas MGM and Caesars casinos launch new campaign as FBI says it is moving…

2 weeks ago

Two Arrested In LockBit Ransomware Gang Takedown

Two LockBit actors arrested in Poland and Ukraine as UK NCA-led Operation Cronos takes down international ransomware infrastructure

3 months ago

Law Enforcement Seizes LockBit Ransomware Infrastructure

Law enforcement agencies including UK NCA and FBI take down thousands of sites belonging to prolific LockBit ransomware hackers

3 months ago

US Mounts Operation Against Chinese Hacking Network

US government reportedly launched operation late last year against Chinese hacking network, including remotely disabling elements of botnet

4 months ago

FBI ‘Knows Identities’ Of MGM, Caesars Hacking Gang

FBI knows identities of at least a dozen members of gang behind attacks on MGM Resorts, Casesars, but reportdly struggling…

7 months ago

Five Eyes Intelligence Heads Warn Of Chinese Cyber Espionage

Heads of Five Eyes intelligence agencies come together to accuse China of intellectual property theft and using AI for hacking

7 months ago

FBI Leads Takedown Of Qakbot Malware Infecting 700,000 Computers

International takedown. US, UK and European law enforcement takes down infrastructure of the Qakbot malware

9 months ago

FBI Warns Against Use Of Public Charging Stations For Mobile Phones

Consumers should avoid using free charging stations in airports, hotels etc, as bad actors may have compromised them, FBI warns

1 year ago

Genesis Market Takedown Sees 120 Suspects Arrested

Largest online marketplace selling stolen credentials to criminals worldwide has been taken down in international operation

1 year ago

US Seizes Servers Of Prolific Ransomware Gang Hive

FBI has hacked the hackers, after it “covertly infiltrated Hive Network, thwarting over $130m in ransom demands”

1 year ago

Feds Arrest Russian Founder Of Crypto Exchange Bitzlato

Bitzlato crypto exchange founder arrested in US for money laundering, and charged with $700m financial crimes

1 year ago

‘Explosion’ At VR Lab At US University Injures Staff Member – Report

Employee injured at virtual reality lab at Northeastern University, after opening package that included note attacking Mark Zuckerberg

2 years ago

US DoJ Charges Three Iranians With Hack, Extortion Scheme

America charges three Iranian nationals for alleged scheme to hack and extort multiple US critical infrastructure providers

2 years ago

FBI Adds ‘Cryptoqueen’ To List Of Ten Most Wanted

FBI adds Ruja Ignatova, former leader of OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme, to list of ten most wanted over running 'one of…

2 years ago

US Says North Korean Lazarus Group Carried Out Huge Crypto Theft

US Treasury Department says notorious North Korean hackers, the Lazarus Group, was behind largest ever cryptocurrency heist last month

2 years ago

FBI Warns Russian Hackers Scanning US Energy Systems

Russian hackers detected scanning energy company systems and other critical infrastructure, FBI officials tells US lawmakers

2 years ago

US Warns Russian Hackers Targetting Defence Contractors

American security agencies warn Russian-backed hackers have acquired sensitive US weapons data after breach defence contractors

2 years ago

FBI Arrest Couple For Alleged Laundering Of $4.5bn In Bitcoin

Married couple arrested in New York by FBI, in largest ever cryptocurrency theft case, as authorities seize $3.6 billion in…

2 years ago

FBI Admits Procurement Of NSO’s Pegasus For ‘Product Testing’

“Limited licence” for NSO's Pegasus spyware was obtained by FBI in 2019, but bureau says it never used it to…

2 years ago

UK Donates Stolen Passwords To Have I Been Pwned Website

National Crime Agency (NCA) donates a recovered database of 585 million stolen passwords to Troy Hunt's famous disclosure service

2 years ago

FBI Investigates After Internal Server Sent Fake Emails

Investigation begins after internal server at the FBI sends thousands of fake email messages warning of possible cyberattack

3 years ago

REvil Hacking Gang Forced Offline In Multi-Country Operation

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the US and partner countries hack REvil's infrastructure and force notorious ransomware gang offline

3 years ago

Kaseya Hackers Demand $70 Million Ransom

Number of organisations affected by damaging Kaseya ransomware attack grows from just 50, to roughly 1,500 businesses globally

3 years ago

UK NCSC, US Agencies, Warn Of Russian Cyber Campaign

America's NSA, CISA, FBI, alongside the United Kingdom's NCSC have warned about an ongoing brute force campaign by Russia's GRU…

3 years ago

Sting Operation With Underworld App, Results In Hundreds Of Arrests

Police around the world have arrested more than 800 people after using encrypted messaging app An0m developed by law enforcement

3 years ago

DoJ Recovers Most Of Colonial Pipeline Ransom

Follow the money. US Dept of Justice has seized most of the ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline to DarkSide ransomware…

3 years ago

Colonial Pipeline Hack Was Not Intended To ‘Create Problems’

Russian criminal gang that hit major US fuel pipeline with ransomware attack, claim they are just seeking money, not creating…

3 years ago

FBI Arrest Man Over ‘Plot To Blow Up Internet’

Texas man allegedly sought to 'kill off about 70 percent of the internet' to deal blow to 'oligarchy' by blowing…

3 years ago

US CISA, FBI Warn Of Trickbot Phishing Campaign

US CISA, FBI warn of 'sophisticated' attacks that manipulate users into downloading Trickbot via tailored 'traffic violation' emails

3 years ago