Fastly Blames Global Outages On Software Bug

Global outage of major websites on Tuesday was caused when an expected customer change, triggered an undiscovered software bug

8 months ago

Twitter Blames Internal Change For Outage

Inadvertent change to internal systems knocks micro-blogging platform Twitter offline for over several hours on Thursday evening

1 year ago

Google Drive Outage In United States

Thousands of Google Drive users across the United States were unable to access the cloud storage platform for a number…

1 year ago

Three Network Crash Causes ‘Intermittent’ Outages

Mobile operator Three has admitted it is experiencing “technical difficulties” in widespread outage

2 years ago

Sainsbury’s Bank Customers Locked Out Of Accounts – Report

Banking outage sees customers locked out of their accounts on Tuesday, but services are now recovered

3 years ago

TSB Boss Steps Down After IT Failure

The fall guy? Chief executive Paul Pester steps down after TSB owner's botched IT upgrade

3 years ago

BlackBerry Resolves Network Outage In Canada, Asia-Pacific

BlackBerry thanks users for their patience after its network in Canada and Asia-Pacific suffered an outage

8 years ago

BBC Lacked Proper Grip On Its Digital Media Initiative Programme – NAO

National Audit Office report paints a grim picture of the Beeb’s grasp of digital media project

8 years ago

Gmail, Google Services Hit By Outage

The service issues, which affected a range of Google products, began on Friday evening and lasted about an hour

8 years ago

BBC Ditches £100m Digital Drive And Suspends CTO

A failed Siemens deal and a botched in-house effort on the Digital Media Initiative wastes millions of licence fee payers'…

9 years ago

Google Talk Falls Silent Worldwide

Service restored to the majority of users, but no information on what caused the outage

10 years ago

Cisco Warns Its B440 Blade Server Could Crash And Burn

The B440 blade server could overheat, according to a field notice from Cisco

10 years ago

Virgin Broadband Blacked Out By ‘Routing Issue’

Virgin Media's broadband services across the UK have been restored after customers experienced a blackout

10 years ago

Top Glitches Played Havoc With Reputations in 2011

As the year winds to a close, Susan Chadwick, of Edge Testing Solutions explores the minefield that is risk-based software…

10 years ago

Android Support Costing £1.2bn, Survey Reveals

The support costs of low-end smartphones have been revealed, with Android handsets costing billions

10 years ago

BlackBerry Failure Sparks Shareholder Revolt

RIM blames a core switch for a third day of BlackBerry outage, and shareholders demand a change

10 years ago

Post Office Apologises For Major Computer Glitch

The Post Office has admitted that a major IT problem hit all its credit card and banking systems

11 years ago

O2 Admits East London Network Outage

O2 customers are once again experiencing network difficulties, this time in East London and Essex

11 years ago

Skype Suffers Another Embarrassing Crash

Skype has crashed once again, leading to fresh questions over its reliability as a communication tool

11 years ago

Business Impact Of IT Downtime Revealed In Survey

The high cost of IT failures and outages has been revealed in a new survey by CA Technologies

11 years ago

IT Failure And Power Challenge UK Business Continuity

ICM statistics reveal UK businesses are highly sensitive to IT failures as UK power grid reliability worsens

11 years ago

Windows Phone 7 Update Continues To Crash

Despite an attempted fix, Microsoft's WP7 update is still causing problems, according to forum complaints

11 years ago