facial scanning

Clearview AI Sued In California By Immigrant Groups

Another legal headache for facial recognition firm Clearview AI to halt use of its tech, despite ban in some Californian…

1 month ago

Facial Recognition Blamed For False Arrest And Jail Time

Racial bias and facial recognition. Black man in New Jersey arrested by police and spends ten days in jail after…

4 months ago

Microsoft Bans Facial Recognition Sales To Police

Software giant follows IBM and Amazon with police facial recognition ban until there is national regulation of the technology

11 months ago

Amazon Joins Police Ban Of Facial Recognition Tech

E-commerce giant Amazon joins other tech firms with announcement it will pause police use of its facial recognition software

11 months ago

Facebook Settles Facial Recognition Lawsuit

Social networking giant pays out nearly half a billion dollars to settle long running biometric data lawsuit in the United…

1 year ago

Twitter Demands AI Firm Cease Facial Image Collection

Privacy concern. Cease-and-desist letter from Twitter to AI firm Clearview demands it stop collecting photos from social media platforms

1 year ago

Gatwick Airport To Use Facial Recognition For Boarding

Gatwick to become first British airport to use facial recognition for passenger boarding without checks

2 years ago

Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies 26 Lawmakers As Criminals

Two dozen California lawmakers flagged as criminals by facial recognition software, ACLU says

2 years ago

Home Secretary Backs Police Facial Recognition Trials

Sajid Javid fires back at criticism and says police have to use the latest tech tools to solve crimes

2 years ago

Facial Recognition Used By Police Fails To Correctly ID Suspects

Oh boy. Facial recognition technology used by police gets identities wrong 81 percent of the time, study finds

2 years ago

San Francisco To Ban The Use Of Facial Recognition Tech

First city in the United States looks to ban the use of facial recognition over privacy and human rights concerns

2 years ago

Google ‘Is Working’ On A Face-Scanning Smartphone

Team behind Project Tango is helping Google develop a biometric-friendly device according to reports

5 years ago

Mastercard Wants To Use Your Face To Pay For Things

New facial-scanning authentication security process hopes to launch later this year

6 years ago