Huawei Allegedly Hid Iran Business After CFO Report

Reuters reported that internal documents show Huawei allegedly acted to cover up its relationship with Iran supplier Skycom

2 months ago

Huawei’s CFO Suffers Extradition Setback

Meng Wanzhou, daughter of Hauwei's founder and CFO of the firm, suffers legal setback in fight against extradition to the…

3 months ago

Julian Assange Could Be ‘Tortured To Death’, Doctors Claim

Doctors pen open letter to The Lancet making astonishing claim about Assange's fate, but spokesman says his health is improving

6 months ago

Huawei Lawyer For CFO Disputes US Extradition Request

Four day trial in Vancouver courtroom sees Huawei CFO battle US request for extradition on bank fraud and sanctions busting…

7 months ago

US Embassy Files Extradition Request For Mike Lynch

US presses ahead despite ongoing court case in the UK, and files extradition request for Dr Mike Lynch

9 months ago

Julian Assange Is So Ill He Could Die, Warn Doctors

More than 60 doctors warn British Home secretary that the health of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is so bad he…

9 months ago

Huawei Asks Canadian Court To Halt CFO Extradition To US

US extradition of Meng Wanzhou should be halted as Canada did not have sanctions against Iran at time of request

9 months ago

America Criticised For Mike Lynch Extradition Request

US DoJ officials damned for filing extradition request for former Autonomy boss, whilst a court case is ongoing in London

9 months ago

Sweden Drops Rape Investigation Against Julian Assange

Main reason for Wikileak co-founder's self-imposed confinement in Ecuadorean embassy is dropped by Swedish prosecutors

9 months ago

Julian Assange Loses Extradition Delay Attempt

Assange loses court bid to delay extradition hearing, after arguing he needs more time to prepare defence

10 months ago

Julian Assange Extradition Order Signed By Home Secretary

Court now decides, after Sajid Javidsigned a request for Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States

1 year ago

Kim Dotcom Makes Final Plea To Avoid Extradition To US

New Zealand's highest court has begun hearing final bid to halt extradition of Kim Dotcom to the US

1 year ago

Julian Assange Tells London Court No ‘Surrender To US’

Wikileaks co-founder begins his fight against extradition to the United States with defiant statement

1 year ago

Julian Assange Dragged From Ecuadorian Embassy And Arrested

After seven year stand-off, Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is arrested by British police

1 year ago

Huawei CFO Has ‘Good Case’ Against Extradition To US

Claim comes as US Justice department confirms intension to seek formal extradition from Canada

2 years ago

US To Seek Extradition Of Huawei CFO – Report

The United States will reportedly seek the formal extradition of daughter of Huawei's founder from Canada

2 years ago

China Threats Consequences Over Huawei CFO Arrest

Huawei CFO applies for bail citing medical issues, as US seeks extradition over alleged Iran sanction violations

2 years ago

US Takes Hacker Extradition Case To London Court

Two men are accused of helping run the Infraud hacking group, said to have stolen more than £409m from individuals…

2 years ago

GCHQ ‘Knew’ WannaCry Hero Was Walking Into A Trap

Spy officials knew Marcus Hutchins, the 'hero' who accidentally disabled the WannaCry malware, would probably be arrested in the US,…

3 years ago

Kim Dotcom Loses Extradition Battle To US

Merry Christmas! New Zealand court rules the US can have him, but Kim pledges appeal

5 years ago

British Hacker Faces Deportation To United States

Brit allegedly hacked US Army, NASA, and Federal Reserve, but fights extradition request to the US

5 years ago

Latvian Government Votes To Extradite Suspected Creator Of Gozi Trojan

Deniss Calovskis claims he is innocent, will appeal the decision with European Court of Human Rights

7 years ago

Latvia Refuses To Extradite The Creator Of Gozi Trojan

The country’s Foreign Minister says the 67-year prison term facing hacker Deniss Calovskis is too severe

7 years ago

Kim Dotcom Granted Access To Megaupload Raid Evidence

Dotcom gets another boost in his fight against extradition to the US

7 years ago

Gary McKinnon To Face No UK Charges But Fight With US Isn’t Over

CPS says if McKinnon is to go on trial, it should be in the US

8 years ago

Richard O’Dwyer TVShack Case Ends With A £20,000 Fine

The student returns to his normal life after a short trip to New York

8 years ago

Gary McKinnon Will Not Be Extradited To US

After ten years of waiting, Gary McKinnon learns he will not be extradited

8 years ago

Gary McKinnon Extradition Deadline Set

Theresa May's decision will be made in just over a month at the latest

8 years ago

Cambodia Cops Arrest Pirate Bay Co-Founder

Gottfrid Svatholm could be sent back to Sweden to serve jail time

8 years ago

Ecuador President Mulls Julian Assange Asylum

The President of Ecuador has taken to Twitter to deny reports he granted Julian Assange asylum

8 years ago