Apple iPhone Exploit Allows Users To ‘Jailbreak’ Devices

Fully updated Apple devices contain the exploit that allows the first public jailbreak for Apple's iOS operating system for nearly…

11 months ago

Apple Denies iPhone Mail Flaw Has Been Used In The Wild

Disputes claim by researcher ZecOps that the iPhone Mail flaws have been exploited at least six times against high-profile victims

1 year ago

WhatsApp Sues NSO For ‘Advanced’ Surveillance Hack Claim

Facebook division files lawsuit against NSO Group, because of alleged surveillance tool exploit

2 years ago

SAP Flaw Leaves 50,000 Companies Vulnerable

New exploits targeting SAP business applications released in a public forum, warn security researchers

2 years ago

Home Secretary ‘Demands’ Action From Tech Firms On Child Abuse

Sajid Javid pledges more cash, and demands tech giants tackle online child sexual abuse, or face legislation

3 years ago

Microsoft Disables Intel’s Spectre Patch

Microsoft issues emergency update to disable Intel’s Spectre 2 patch, amid reports of data loss caused by reboots

3 years ago

Intel Confirms Newer Chips Impacted By Spectre, Meltdown Patches

Chip giant admits patches will cause reboot problems for newer chips and clarifies likely performance impact

3 years ago

Meltdown & Spectre: Intel Chip Exploit Also Impacts ARM, AMD Chips

'Not just us' says Intel, as ARM and AMD are also said to be vulnerable to one of the flaws

3 years ago

Servers Affected By Serious Flaw In Unix-Like Systems

Linux, BSD and Solaris are all affected by memory management bugs that could allow attackers to execute malicious code

4 years ago

Flash Patched After Rosetta Exposes Serious Vulnerability

Users urged to patch Adobe Flash as soon as possible after discovery of a new vulnerability

7 years ago

Security: The Fine Line Between Disclosure And Violation

Apple and Facebook had to decide whether hackers had disclosed useful data, or violated their terms, says Sean Michael Kerner

8 years ago

Post-PWN2OWN: Are Exploit Sellers Playing Nicer?

PWN2OWN paid money for security attacks. It could mark a turning point controversy over exploit sellers, says Tom Brewster

8 years ago

Pwnium 2 Closes After A Single Submission

The $2 million Chrome hacking competition yielded just one serious exploit

9 years ago

Flashback Mac OS X Trojan Spread Via WordPress Blogs

Mac OS X users were infected with the Flashback malware via hijacked WordPress websites, according to Kaspersky researchers

9 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Discovers Invisible Memory-Only Bot

The clever Russian malware hides in RAM and spreads trough banners on news websites

9 years ago

Exploit Tools Armed To Attack New Java Flaw

Two exploit kits begin attacks on systems unpatched against new cross-platform Java flaw

9 years ago

Large Enterprises Fail Social Engineering Tests

DefCon staged a social engineering test on 14 major companies which harvested information with ease

10 years ago

US Critical Infrastructure Weathers Cyber-Assaults

The US' critical infrastructure is facing a growing number of attacks, says the Department of Homeland Security

10 years ago

Traditional Defences Can’t Stop APT, Zero-Day Threats

Security vendor warns that antivirus and intrusion prevention are not enough to stop cyber-attackers

10 years ago

Facebook Exploit App Toolkits Going Cheap

Websense uncovered a toolkit for building rogue "Who Tracks You" Facebook applications selling for £15

10 years ago

Zeus Malware Targets Security Researchers

An exploit toolkit linked to the Zeus trojan has been used as a honeypot to attack researchers and rivals

11 years ago

Zero-Day Flaw In Internet Explorer Exploited In Spam Attack

A malware attack has been exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer, prompting Microsoft to issue an advisory

11 years ago

Microsoft Reports Over Six Million Java Attacks In Q3

Six million attacks in the third quarter of 2010 targeted just three Java vulnerabilities, Microsoft reported

11 years ago

Foxconn Strongly Rejects Abuse Claims

Taiwanese tech manufacturer Foxconn has strenuously rejected 'unsubstantiated allegations' in the Chinese media that its staff are being abused

11 years ago

Complexity Of Security Exploits Increasing

Exploits are getting more complex, reports HP TippingPoint DVLabs, Qualys and The SANS Institute

11 years ago

Why Selling Exploits Is A Good Idea

An online market for security exploits sounds a dangerous concept - in fact, it's a good idea that should help…

11 years ago

Flaw Attracts Attacks In PDF Reader And Acrobat

Adobe Systems is warning users about a new vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat being exploited in the wild.

11 years ago

Adobe Issues Advice To Avoid PDF Security Attack

Adobe has issued a workaround for a PDF vulnerability that would allow hackers to exploit its PDF Reader

11 years ago