US Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex

Cryptocurrency exchange Suex hit with sanctions by US Treasury Department for alleged role in laundering ransomware payments

2 months ago

Poly Network Hacker Offered $500,000 To Return Stolen Tokens

Poly Network confirms it offered 'white hat hacker' who stole $611m in digital tokens, a $500,000 bug bounty to return…

4 months ago

China Denies Microsoft Hacking Claim By The West

Microsoft Exchange hacking claims by the West are 'groundless' Chinese authorities say, after email compromise earlier this year

4 months ago

‘Half’ Of Exchange Servers Left Unpatched As Attacks Continue

Only half of Exchange servers have been patched so far, security firm estimates, as it detects tens of thousands of…

8 months ago

Ten Hacking Groups Exploiting Microsoft Email Flaw, Warns ESET

Security specialist ESET warns that at least ten hacking groups are exploiting the flaw with Microsoft's mail server software to…

9 months ago

European Banking Authority Compromised By Exchange Hackers

European Banking Authority takes email servers offline after finding it was targeted in worldwide Microsoft Exchange hacking campaign

9 months ago

US Issues Warning Over ‘Far-Reaching’ Microsoft Email Hack

White House signals concern over potentially 'large number of victims' affected by exploitation of Exchange zero-day flaws

9 months ago

Openreach Plots Closure Of 4,600 Local Telephone Exchanges

UK's transition to full fibre network, sees Openreach consultation on the closure of thousands of local telephone exchanges

12 months ago

Rakuten Takes Applications Ahead Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch

Rakuten Wallet is one of several major crypto-asset platforms arriving in Japan in the coming weeks, even as authorities battle…

3 years ago

Microsoft Researchers ‘Solve’ Secure Cloud Data Exchange

Cloud breakthrough? Microsoft plots way to enable secure data exchange in the cloud for users

5 years ago

Argos Launches Exchange For Your Unwanted Gadgets

Retailer teams up with WRAP initiative to make sure no devices get left behind

6 years ago

Microsoft Boosts Cloud-Based Anti-Spam Tools

Microsoft has added better tools for helping enterprises to fight junk mail to its cloud-based Exchange Online Protection

8 years ago

Microsoft Tackles Exchange Backup Niggles With Update

An update for Exchange Server 2013 delivers a number of fixes, including a backup restoration solution

8 years ago

Gmail Hailed As Credible Rival For Microsoft Exchange

Google's Gmail commands half of cloud-based email, vying for market share with Microsoft and others

10 years ago

Microsoft Study Finds Cloud Computing Is Good for the Environment

Comparing on-premise business applications to cloud equivalents, Microsoft concludes cloud computing has positive effects on the environment

11 years ago

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Cloud Beta

Microsoft has introduced Office 365 which combines Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync in a unified cloud

11 years ago

Microsoft Ships Exchange Server 2010 SP1

Microsoft has released the first service pack for its Exchange Server 2010 that promises a range of extensive additions

11 years ago

Microsoft ‘Laser Focused’ On Tablets

Microsoft executive Bill Koefoed summarised Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 and tablet PC strategy

11 years ago

Apple IOS 4 Is A Worthy Upgrade: Review

The new iOS4 is not just for Apple's iPhone 4. The new features get much more out of iPhone 3GS…

11 years ago