Police Raid Dark Web Marketplaces, Seize 500kg of Drugs

Worldwide police operation against dark web vendors results in 179 arrests, seizure of 500kg of drugs, $6.5m (£5m) in cash…

2 months ago

Europol: Coronavirus Crisis Spurs Rise In Ransomware, DDoS Attacks

Cyber-criminals increasingly targeting organsiations' computing and online infrastructure for extortion attempts as huge numbers of staff work remotely

8 months ago

Head Of Europol Says Police Need 5G Surveillance Tools

Law enforcement will lose ability to carry out surveillance when 5G networks replace 4G, police boss warns

1 year ago

GozNym Cybercrime Gang Dismantled in Global Operation

Law enforcement in many countries take down a criminal gang that used malware to steal millions

2 years ago

Cyber Banking Mastermind Arrested By Police In Spain

Mastermind suspected of stealing £870m (€1bn) arrested for Carbanak, Cobalt banking malware campaigns

3 years ago

Europol Warns Of ‘Unprecedented’ Cyberattacks As Ransomware Eclipses All

Europol says the past 12 months have been significant for cyberattacks, especially ransomware, and wants governments to target malware developers

3 years ago

Authorities Take Down Dark Web’s Biggest Criminal Marketplace

AlphaBay and Hansa were together responsible for the trading of hundreds of thousands of illegal commodities

3 years ago

Criminals Making Greater Use Of Tech, Warns Europol

Organised crime study reveals that nearly all criminal gangs are now using some form of technology

4 years ago

Europol Terror Data Found On Unsecured Network Drive

Red faces at Euro cops after sensitive terror data is found online by Dutch TV programme

4 years ago

Europol Warns Of Gangs Making Fake Android Mobile Payments

Euro cops warn of criminal gangs said to be using Android smartphones to conduct fraudulent transactions

4 years ago

Security Firms And Police Fight Back Against Ransomware

No More Ransom offers decryption keys to encourage ransomware victims not to pay

4 years ago

Five Arrested In Raids On Ukraine Zeus/SpyEye Malware Ring

Investigators from across Europe participated in coordinated actions to take down a banking malware group

5 years ago

Europol Chief Criticises Online Encryption

Messaging and smartphone encryption have created a 'capability gap' for law enforcement and security organisations, according to Rob Wainwright

6 years ago

Ramnit Botnet Crime Ring Taken Down By Europol

Euro cops shut down botnet that infected 3.2 million computers in order to steal banking information

6 years ago

‘Only 100 People’ Are Responsible For The World’s Cybercrime, Says Europol

Troels Oerting calls for greater international co-operation to help the fight against cybercriminals

6 years ago

First ‘Online Murder’ Could Happen By The End Of The Year

The Internet of Things could turn out to be a killer, Europol report warns

6 years ago

UK Police Leads Bid To Shut Down Shylock Malware

The National Crime Agency and its global allies deny Shylock banking Trojan its pound of flesh

6 years ago

European Cops ‘Dismantle’ eBay Fraudsters Who Sent Bricks And Fruit

Fraudsters said to have sent bricks and vegetables instead of the products their victims had paid for

7 years ago

Europol Warns Of Public Wi-Fi Security Risks

Europol cybercrime chief says there has been an increase in attacks through public Wi-Fi connections

7 years ago

Europol Seizes 690 Domains In Cyber Monday Crackdown

Cyber Monday sellers pushing counterfeit goods taken offline by Europol and international partners

7 years ago

29 Arrested In £7.5m Credit Card Fraud Bust

Crooks stole data from point of sale systems and created fake credit cards

7 years ago

Police Seize 328 Sites Flogging Counterfeit Goods

Europol and its US partners hit websites selling dodgy gear

7 years ago

Europol Busts Credit Card Fraud Ring With 44 Arrests

Body says 36,000 bank customers were affected by the illegal operation

8 years ago

Finns And Europol Down Online Credit Card Fraud Ring

Europol seeing successes from its European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) as another criminal operation shut down

8 years ago

European Cybercrime Centre Impresses On Cautious Opening

Commissioner says we should not expect miracles from the new facility

8 years ago

European Cybercrime Centre To Open On Friday

Europol hopes to gather intelligence and skills for the benefit of all member states

8 years ago

ICSPA Aims To Align Global Cyber-Crime Fighters

The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance has joined with Europol to tackle online criminals

9 years ago

Euro Child-Porn Gang Hijacks Legitimate Servers

An Eastern European child pornography ring doctored server links to point to their illegal wares

10 years ago