Open Source Groups Warn Of Ongoing Attacks

Open source groups warn of sophisticated social engineering attacks targeting JavaScript and other critical projects

2 months ago

President Biden ‘Considering’ Request To Drop Julian Assange Charges

US prosecution against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reportedly under review, President Joe Biden says Wednesday

2 months ago

New Zealand Joins US, UK, Netherlands Alleging Chinese Cyber Espionage

Five eyes member New Zealand joins with the US and UK alleging it was targeted by China-backed cyberespionage

2 months ago

Dutch PM Raises Cyber Espionage Case With China’s Xi

Beijing visit sees Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte discuss cyber espionage incident with Chinese President Xi Jinping

3 months ago

Julian Assange Wins Temporary Reprieve For US Extradition Appeal

US assurances required. Julian Assange handed a slender reprieve in fight against his extradition to the United States

3 months ago

US, UK Impose Sanctions On China Over Spying, Infrastructure Hacks

US, UK impose sanctions on China over campaign to target critical infrastructure and place officials under surveillance

3 months ago

Theft Of Tesla Battery Manufacturing Secrets Triggers Arrest

Two men with a business in China are charged by US authorities of stealing battery manufacturing tech from Tesla

3 months ago

Former Google Chinese Staffer Charged With Stealing AI Secrets

US arrest software engineer for allegedly stealing AI tech from Google, while secretly working for two Chinese firms

3 months ago

Australian Parliament Calls For Return Of Julian Assange

Call for the UK and US to return Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who remains in Belmarsh prison amid US extradition…

4 months ago

ICC Confirms Recent Cyberattack Was Espionage

Not a random cyberattack. International Criminal Court confirms September cyberattack was case of “sophisticated espionage”

8 months ago

Trial Begins Of Samsung Executive Accused Of Stealing Chip Secrets

Trial begins in South Korea of former executive who allegedly attempted to use Samsung secrets in China chip plant deal

11 months ago

UK To Order Removal Of Chinese CCTV Kit From Sensitive Locations

Government to tighten procurement regime to protect national security, and pledges timeline for removal of Chinese surveillance equipment

1 year ago

Moscow Alleges NSA Mass Spying On Russian iPhones

Russia alleges the US NSA has conducted a mass spying operation on thousands of iPhones in Russia, and that Apple…

1 year ago

TikTok Mulls Split From Beijing-Based ByteDance – Report

Last ditch move? To ease growing national security concerns, TikTok is reportedly considering seperating from Chinese parent

1 year ago

Chinese President Xi Urges Tech Independence

Facing increasing US export controls on advanced technology, Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for tech self-reliance

1 year ago

British Police At Risk From Chinese Drones, CCTV Cameras

Amid concern of Chinese spy balloons, UK's Camera Commissioner warns British police about their use of Chinese drones, cameras

1 year ago

ASML Data Theft By Ex China Staffer Violated Export Controls

ASML discovers its tech has been stolen by China employee, which resulted in violation of “certain export control regulations”

1 year ago

Wikimedia Denies ‘Infiltration’ By Saudi Spies

Wikimedia Foundation denies Wikipedia was infiltrated by Saudi agents after report by Middle East human rights groups

1 year ago

UK Government Blocks Newport Wafer Fab Acquisition, Citing National Security

Dutch chipmaker Nexperia (owned by a Chinese firm) is ordered to sell majority stake in Newport Wafer Fab on national…

2 years ago

Whistleblower Tells Senate Twitter Prioritised Profit Over Security

Peiter “Mudge” Zatko tells Senate panel of ‘egregious’ security failings at Twitter, and warns of multiple breaches by intelligence agencies

2 years ago

Former Apple Engineer Pleads Guilty To Stealing Driverless Car Data

Industrial espionage. Xiaolang Zhang, a former Apple staffer caught by the FBI trying to flee to China, pleads guilty to…

2 years ago

Hackers Steal Documents From Defence Companies

Dozens of military-connected companies and public bodies compromised in series of attacks by China-based hackers, researchers say

2 years ago

Taiwan Alleges Chinese Apple Supplier Stole Secrets

Prosecutors in New Taipei allege Chinese firm stole commercial secrets from a Taiwanese supplier and poached its workforce

2 years ago

Wikileaks Julian Assange Extradition To US Approved By Home Secretary

Julian Assange loses decade long battle against his extradition to the United States, but Wikileaks says it will appeal decision

2 years ago

Government App Targets Fake Profiles Used By Foreign Spies

New government app helps identify fake social media profiles from sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook amidst 'industrial scale' espionage…

2 years ago

Downing Street, FCO May Have Been Infected By Pegasus Spyware

Citizen Lab says UK's number 10 and Foreign Office network was suspected to have been infected with Pegasus spyware, with…

2 years ago

Julian Assange Wins Right To Ask Supreme Court For Extradition Appeal

Another twist. Julian Assange wins right to ask UK's Supreme Court if it will hear his appeal against December extradition…

2 years ago

Julian Assange Can Be Extradited To US, Court Decides

Court grants US appeal, meaning Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is set to be extradited to US to face espionage charges.…

3 years ago

Wikileaks Julian Assange Granted Permission To Marry In Prison

Fresh twist in the life of Julian Assange as he is granted permission by Belmarsh governor to marry partner Stella…

3 years ago

Robot Artist Freed By Egyptian Customs After Spy Detention

Ai-Da, a robot that uses artificial intelligence to create art, was detained by Egyptian customs over fears 'her' electronics could…

3 years ago