Hackers Use Coronavirus Scare To Attack Government Systems

Attack groups make use of chaos around coronavirus to target organisations in Mongolia, South Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam and elsewhere

5 months ago

US Mulls Controlling Stake In Ericsson, Nokia To Counter Huawei

US Attorney General William Barr suggests the US and its allies take 'controlling stakes' in Ericsson, Nokia as a counter…

6 months ago

US ‘Set To Ground Civilian Drone Programme’ Over Spying Risk

Department of the Interior may permanently ground fleet of nearly 1,000 civilian drones over China espionage fears

7 months ago

Apple ‘Deeply Concerned’ Former Staff May Flee To China – Report

Former Apple staff who allegedly stole data concerning its self-driving cars, present a flight risk US prosecutors have told a…

8 months ago

UK Has Not Made Final Decision On Huawei Ban – US

US national security advisor says UK has not made final decision on Huawei 5G ban

1 year ago

Julian Assange ‘Too Ill’ To Appear For Court Hearing

The health of Wikileaks co-founder in question after his lawyers state he is too ill to appear for court hearing

1 year ago

Chinese Drones Pose Spying Risk, US Authorities Warn

Drones manufactured or sold by Chinese firms, such as market leader DJI, may pose a risk to national security or…

1 year ago

Huawei Ready To Sign No Spy Deals, As Trump Readies Complete Ban

Trump reportedly readies executive order that would ban Huawei kit from all US telecom networks

1 year ago

Vodafone Found Security Flaws In Huawei Kit

One of Huawei's biggest supporters admits it found security flaws in its telecom equipment a decade ago

1 year ago

America Will ‘Rethink’ Co-Operation With Allies Using Huawei

US cyber security officials says Washington does not see any distinction between core and non-core 5G network

1 year ago

China Tells UK Not To Discriminate Against Huawei

Chinese ambassador urges UK to make decisions independently and not discriminate against particular firms

1 year ago

Investigation Demanded After UK Huawei 5G Leak

Outrage from senior ministers after UK's controversial decision on Huawei was leaked to newspaper

1 year ago

UK To Allow Huawei Limited Access To 5G Network – Report

Chinese maker will supply 5G equipment, but will be banned from 'core' areas of the British 5G network

1 year ago

Samsung Not Involved After Alleged ASML Theft

South Korean giant says it respects intellectual property and is disappointed at certain media reports

1 year ago

Netherlands Task Force To Probe 5G Security Amid Huawei Furore

Meanwhile, Belgium says it has found no evidence so far that Huawei equipment could be used for spying

1 year ago

Chipmaker ASML Admits IP Theft, But Rejects China Claim

Dutch chipmaker says workers in US stole intellectual property, but rejects Chinese espionage implications

1 year ago

Researchers Tie ‘BabyShark’ Espionage Malware To North Korea

The attacks may be part of a North Korean effort to gather information on research institutions

1 year ago

Huawei Founder Slams US Arrest Of His Daughter

Reclusive founder says he would close down Huawei before allowing it to undertake spying activities

1 year ago

Android Surveillance Malware Poses As Privacy Tool

Mobile spyware with 'massive' surveillance capabilities poses as popular anti-censorship tool to gather data on select targets

1 year ago

Angela Merkel Demands Espionage Guarantees From Huawei

Denmark expels two Huawei staff, and Norway's intelligence boss issues warning about the Chinese firm

2 years ago

US Urges Allies To Utilise Western Tech Instead Of Huawei

US envoy to EU alleges there is “classified evidence” of security breaches by Chinese networking giant

2 years ago

BT/EE Bans Huawei Kit For Core 5G Network

UK joins growing list of countries excluding 5G equipment from Chinese networking giant Huawei

2 years ago

New Zealand Rejects Huawei 5G Kit, Citing Security Risks

“Significant network security risk” allegedly identified with Huawei 5G kit by New Zealand authorities

2 years ago

US Government Asks Allies To Implement Huawei Ban

American officials trying to persuade foreign mobile operators and ISPs to drop all Huawei kit

2 years ago

German Officials Urge Huawei Ban For 5G Rollout

German government urged to follow Australia lead and ban the use of Chinese kit in 5G networks

2 years ago

Russia Accused Of Cyber-Attack On Chemical Weapons Watchdog

The Netherlands, the UK and the US pile pressure on Russia over 'reckless' worldwide hacks allegedly carried out by its…

2 years ago

Apple Employee Stole Driverless Car Data – Report

Trade secret theft. Self-driving car data allegedly stolen by Apple staff who then tried to flee to China

2 years ago

Researchers Uncover ‘Dark Caracal’ Global Espionage Ring

The group, based in government premises in Beiruit, apparently compromises governments and individuals on a contract basis

3 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Challenges US Government Security Ban

The DHS' September order prohibited Kaspersky Lab's products, including its popular antivirus, on civilian government networks

3 years ago

Sowbug Hacking Group Targets South America & Asian Governments

Previously unknown hacking group found targeting foreign policy and diplomatic targets

3 years ago