US Watchdog Questions Tech Giants On Electronic Payments

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau questions Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, PayPal, and Square over electronic payments

2 months ago

US Mulls Sanctions Use In War Against Hacker Cryptocurrency Payments

White House is reportedly preparing to take a number of actions, including the use of sanctions, against ransomware crypto payments

3 months ago

Budget 2021: Contactless Limit Raised To £100

Budget 2021. Debit card contactless payment limit raised to £100, as Coronavirus pandemic accelerates electronic payment popularity

9 months ago

Europol Warns Of Gangs Making Fake Android Mobile Payments

Euro cops warn of criminal gangs said to be using Android smartphones to conduct fraudulent transactions

5 years ago

AWS Partners With Digital Currency Group For Blockchain Cloud Testing

DCG companies will get to use AWS cloud environments for blockchain testing and developing

6 years ago

Why The Country Is Going Cashless

Gary Watts, head of innovation at MBNA, looks at what makes going cashless such an attractive prospect for Britons

6 years ago