Rare Video Of Bletchley Park Location During WW2 Emerges

Video footage of MI6 station Whaddon Hall, attached to the world famous code-breaking centre Bletchley Park, is released to the…

2 years ago

Enigma Codebreaking Bombe Moves To New Home

New gallery next door to Bletchley Park showcases the machine that helped cracked Hitler’s Enigma machine

4 years ago

Bletchley Park Museums Split By ‘Berlin Wall’ As Row Escalates

New fences are another sign of disunity at Bletchley Park, which houses the National Museum of Computing and its collection…

8 years ago

Bletchley Park Code Breaker Huts To Be Renovated

The trust responsible for the site has secured £7.4 million in funding

10 years ago

GCHQ Releases Two Secret Alan Turing Papers

Britain's top secret listening station, GCHQ, has released two mathematical papers written by codebreaker Alan Turing

10 years ago

Street View Trike Captures Bletchley Park Images

Google has hosted a garden party and used its Street View cameras to raise funds for Bletchley Park

10 years ago

Queen Honours The Codebreaking World War Heroes

The Queen unveiled a memorial in Bletchley Park honouring those who played a great role in ending WWII

11 years ago

Fundraiser To Gift Turing’s Works To Bletchley Park

An appeal has been launched to buy a collection of published works by Alan Turing – arguably the father of…

11 years ago

Bletchley Park To Digitise A Million War Records

The WWII codebreaking centre wants to preserve around a million documents in digital form, with some available online

12 years ago

Bletchley Park Gets £250,000 Government Funding

Second world war codebreaking centre Bletchley Park has been given a £250,000 government grant to pay for repairs to the…

12 years ago

UK Snubs Support For Home of WWII Enigma

Government refuses to upgrade wartime code-breaking site Bletchley Park - which had a visit from actor and techno-phile Stephen Fry

13 years ago