Ukraine, ESET Foil Cyberattack On Energy Grid

Russian cyber offensive? Ukraine government and ESET confirm Russian GRU attempted to hack Ukraine's energy grid last week

4 months ago

UK Nuclear Fusion Experiment Breaks Record

Huge step forward for clean energy, after UK scientists break fusion energy output record in major breakthrough at JET facility…

6 months ago

ARM Touts Performance Per Watt As New ‘Moore’s Law’

Traditional Moore's Law is no longer relevant in today world's, argues ARM, and says 'performance per watt' is the better…

1 year ago

Amazon Signs 14 Renewable Energy Projects

E-commerce and cloud goliath Amazon signs 14 new renewable energy projects, as it races towards its 2025 renewable energy goal

1 year ago

Apple Cancels Plans For Galway Data Centre

Too much opposition to high tech facility that supposedly could have increased Ireland’s electricity consumption by 8 percent

4 years ago

Kaspersky Lab Discovers Russian Hacker Infrastructure

Compromised servers used by Crouching Yeti/Energetic Bear hacker group found by Kaspersky Lab

4 years ago

US Government Warns Of ‘Ongoing’ Attacks On Energy, Nuclear Sectors

Critical industries including energy, nuclear and manufacturing have been targeted for cyber-espionage since earlier this year

5 years ago

Insider Threat ‘Contributes’ To Growing Number Of Critical Infrastructure Attacks

IBM X-Force researchers find hackers are increasingly exploiting insiders for attacks on industrial control systems

5 years ago

Dragonfly Hackers ‘Could Plunge Europe Into Darkness’

Power outages...Hacker group has infiltrated energy firms and could turn off the lights across continent, according to Symantec

5 years ago

US Acknowledges Cyber Attack On Nuclear Power Plant

The Wolf Creek facility in Kansas was one of at least a dozen energy companies affected by the hacks, but…

5 years ago

Energy Sector Is A ‘Prime Target’ For Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks against energy companies have risen massively, with the industry a prime target for attackers

6 years ago

This Rechargable Battery Could Enable Homes To Be Taken Off Power Grid

Eli-Home can help make better use of solar power cells and provide a backup source in the event of outages

7 years ago

Five Ways Our Energy Infrastructure Is Transforming

RWE npower chief executive Paul Massara tells TechWeekEurope how the 'Uberisation' of energy could be good news for all of…

7 years ago

The ‘Real IoT’ Will Shape The Energy Landscape Of The Future

Climote's Derek Roddy tells TechWeekEurope why smart energy usage could be one of the best use cases for the Internet…

7 years ago

IT Life: It’s Not Easy Being Green

climote co-founder Derek Roddy tells TechWeekEurope why more effective heating systems will lead to lower energy bills, and why he…

7 years ago