energy harvesting

Ricoh Invents Green, Flexible Energy-Generating Material

The 'energy-generating rubber' could be used in connected sensors and other Internet of Things devices, Ricoh said

7 years ago

Printed Labels Could Harvest Radio Power From Phones

Radio power from mobile phones could enable sensors on printed smart labels for Internet of Things applications

8 years ago

Vodafone’s Shorts And Sleeping Bags Could Charge Festival Phones

Is that Power in your Pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

9 years ago

ZigBee Wireless Adopts Energy Harvesting

ZigBee low-energy radios can work without batteries

10 years ago

Can Energy Scavenging Save The World?

Ambient heat, light, sound and radio can all be harnessed to power devices. It is well worth doing, says Peter…

11 years ago