Emergency Services

Apple Touts Life Saving Watch Series 5

New Apple Watch comes with “always on” display and the ability to call emergency services around the world

10 months ago

BT To Remove Huawei Gear From Next-Gen Emergency Network

BT said it would swap out the Chinese vendor's equipment at its own cost and that the process wouldn't mean…

2 years ago

Home Office Admits Emergency Network Overruns To ‘Delay’ Cost Savings

The Public Accounts Committee has estimated that unexpected charges may eliminate five years' worth of the new network's supposed price…

2 years ago

Emergency Network Delayed By Agile Development Methods, MPs Told

Agile delivery techniques take longer but mean 'less risk', permanent secretary Philip Rutnam tells MPs

2 years ago

Home Office Claims First Live Emergency Services Network Tests

The new communications network for police, fire and other emergency responders has undergone its first live prioritisation tests on EE's…

2 years ago

Terrafix To Provide NHS With In-Ambulance Mobile Data Systems

An £8.1m deal is to see the British mobile computing firm supply technology for communications between ambulances and control rooms

3 years ago

Samsung Awarded Contract For Emergency Services Smartphones

Samsung will supply 250,000 toughened handsets to offer mobile data, live-streaming video and more for the emergency services

3 years ago

BT Wins £100 Million Contract To Boost Metropolitan Police Network

BT will play a key role in the Met's digital transformation efforts across London

3 years ago

BlackBerry Boosts AtHOC Crisis Communication Platform

The updated service adds eight new languages to break down communication barriers in a crisis

3 years ago

Pilot Lets 999 Calllers Livestream Emergencies From A Smartphone

999EYE livesteam service will provide real-time information back to emergency service control rooms. aiding their response

4 years ago