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NHS Staff Subjected To Scam Emails During Pandemic Height

So low. NHS staff received over 40,000 of phishing and scam emails during the worst months of the Coronavirus pandemic…

1 year ago

Coronavirus: NCSC Takedown Of Hundreds Of Scam Covid-19 Shops

UK cyber defender NCSC takes down 2,000 Coronavirus scams last month - launches ‘cyber aware’ campaign to mitigate threats

2 years ago

Email Scammers Reaping Huge Rewards, Study Shows

Email scammers making over $300 million per month in America, US Treasury department warns

3 years ago

70 Percent Of UK Universities Have Fallen Victim To Phishing Attacks

Seven universities said they have been hit more than 50 times in the last year

5 years ago

IBM Report Details 2017 Tax Scams As IRS Filing Deadline Nears

As the Tax Day 2017 filing deadline of Tuesday April 18 nears, IBM is warning of an increase in tax-related…

5 years ago

Necurs Botnet Targets Users With Old-School Stock Scam

Getting emails about a once-in-a-lifetime stock opportunity? It's probably too good to be true

5 years ago

Fake CEO Email Scam Nets Fraudsters £1.6 Billion

Email from the boss? Better check it is really from the CEO and not a lowly fraudster, warns the FBI

6 years ago

Spam Targets Lonely Hearts And Tourists, Warns Kaspersky

Lonely tonight? Or fancy jetting off somewhere for free? Then beware of being duped by spam says Kaspersky

6 years ago

Scammers Quick To React To Ashley Madison Hack

Ashley Madison data breach triggers upsurge in spam email, as victims become scammers target

6 years ago

Businesses Lose $215m to BEC Email Scam – So How Do You Protect Yourself?

The FBI has warned businesses that work with foreign suppliers to be vigilant against email wire transfer scams.

7 years ago

What Is The Peter Pan Virus And Why Is It A Threat?

Warning sounded about convincing phishing email dubbed the Peter Pan virus, threatening computer users

7 years ago

Email Fingered As Main Source Of Data Leaks

Many regard email as a critical business app, but a new survey pinpoints it as the main cause of data…

10 years ago

US Nuclear Lab Stops Web Access After Phishing Email

Oak Ridge National Laboratory shut down its Internet and email systems after its network was compromised

11 years ago

Users Failing To Warn Friends Of Facebook Scams

Facebook scams are spreading because most users are not warning their friends, according to a new survey

11 years ago

Spam Levels Fall To Two-Year Low, Symantec Finds

Despite a recent upsurge after the Christmas break, spam levels are at a two year low Symantec has found

11 years ago

Government Freezes Met’s Cyber Crime Budget

The Government has axed plans for an increase in funding for the Met's cyber crime unit, as part of its…

12 years ago