Judge Throws Out Oracle’s $1.3bn Award From SAP

New judgement means Oracle may not bank the largest US IP infringement fine, awarded against SAP

11 years ago

HP Blocks Oracle Subpoena For Apotheker Trial Appearance

HP is refusing to allow its new CEO Leo Apotheker to testify in the Oracle/SAP trial, but all eyes will…

12 years ago

SAP Goes On Record To Admit Software Piracy

Oracle wants to prove wilful wrong-doing by SAP and take billions of dollars from the company in damages

12 years ago

HP’s Board Labelled ‘Dysfunctional’ By Former GE CEO

The former boss of GE has labelled HP’s board as “dysfunctional” and added to the criticism over Mark Hurd’s resignation…

12 years ago

Ellison ‘Speechless’ Over HP Apotheker Appointment

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's criticism of HP’s choice of Leo Apotheker as CEO could be the first shots in what…

12 years ago

Why I Quit “Creepy” Oracle: The Father Of Java James Gosling Speaks Out

Talking exclusively to eWEEK, Java creator James Gosling opens up on a series of issues he declined to make public…

12 years ago

Oracle Boss Ellison Slams HP Over Hurd’s Exit

HP's firing of CEO Mark Hurd was the worst IT corporate decision since Apple fired Steve Jobs, said Oracle CEO…

12 years ago

Larry Ellison Named Highest Paid Executive Of Public Company

Larry Ellison is named the highest-paid executive of the past decade of a public company

12 years ago