Dutch Data Centres Seek Government Help Over Rising Prices

Operators of data centres in Holland have called on the Dutch government to financial support, amid surging electricity prices

2 months ago

Tesla Applies To Become UK Electricity Provider

Company files with regulator to supply UK premises with electricity, following ventures into batteries for home and industrial power storage

2 years ago

Apple Issues Recall On UK Plugs

Shock recall for plugs shipped in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore between 2003 and 2010

3 years ago

Russian Hackers Penetrate US Electrical Grid – Report

Blackout threat? Russian linked hacking group has compromised networks of American electric utilities

3 years ago

US Blames Russia For Energy Grid Attacks

United States officials have for the first time publicly blamed the Russian government for two years of cyber attacks on…

4 years ago

Dragonfly Hackers ‘Could Plunge Europe Into Darkness’

Power outages...Hacker group has infiltrated energy firms and could turn off the lights across continent, according to Symantec

4 years ago

Microsoft Goes Green With Agder Energi Smart Grid Project

Its cold in the Nordics, so Microsoft teams up with the locals to help electricity grid cope with demand

5 years ago

Energy Sector Is A ‘Prime Target’ For Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks against energy companies have risen massively, with the industry a prime target for attackers

5 years ago

AT&T AirGig To Use Power Lines For Ultrafast Broadband

Who needs fibre? Preparation for field trials in the US to deliver ultra fast broadband via electrical power lines

5 years ago

Dodgy USB Stick Kills Laptop In Seconds With 220 Volts

Researcher creates a less than subtle way of taking out any USB-equipped device

6 years ago

Bill Gates Touts Omniprocessor For Electricity and Water From Human Waste

Bill Gates drinks fresh water made from human waste, and surprisingly it doesn't taste like urine

7 years ago

IBM Recycles Old Laptop Batteries For Poor

The ultimate act of recycling? IBM turns old lithium-ion batteries into useful power supply for the poor

7 years ago

Green Grid Warns Electric Harmonics Cause Data Centre Waste

The ringing in your power supply might be putting your data centre bills up

8 years ago

Is Coal Still King Of Data Centre Power?

Do we need coal ti power the Internet? Peter Judge thinks that is old-fashioned thinking

8 years ago

Robotic Solar Charger Follows The Sun

Solar panel moves automatically to catch more rays

8 years ago

Will 2013 See Smart Meters Fail?

Smart meters are supposed to roll out this year, but the programme looks ill-conceived and ill-prepared, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Big Data + Big Batteries = Smart Grid?

The smart grid can't do much unless it has analytics and batteries, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

The Best Laid Disaster Recovery Plans Could Leave You On Your Own

In storm-tossed Washington, Wayne Rash's disaster recovery plan brought his data centre back to life - but there was no…

9 years ago

Prepare For Power Struggles In The Data Centre

Low energy servers, and high voltage outages. It all add up to an industry power play, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Can Data Centres Really Go Off Grid?

Data centre makers want to operate independently of the power grid. That would mean cloud services that close down at…

10 years ago

Staffordshire Uni Reduces PC Power Use By 60 Percent

University on course to save £27,000 through power management software

10 years ago

Smart Meters Offer Best Hope Of Cutting Energy Use

IT applied to home energy use just might bring down our emissions, says Pilgrim Beart of AlertMe

10 years ago

The Next Sustainable Power Source: Your Body?

Fuel cells are being built that are small enough to be implanted in the body, says Eric Doyle. Could they…

10 years ago

Schneider Electric Snaps Up Data Centre Specialist

Energy giant Schneider Electric has acquired a data centre specialist for an undisclosed amount

11 years ago

North East England Set For Smart Grid Trial

A smart grid project is being proposed that could see 14,000 smart meters installed in homes and business across the…

11 years ago

Power Management Firm Tackles Virtual Server Sprawl

Virtual machines aren't free - and 1E says it has the power to bring them under control

11 years ago

Firms Face Fines For Ignoring Carbon Rules

Halfway through the registration period only one tenth of the country's big energy users have registered for carbon permits.

11 years ago

Green Tech Waits On The Government

Britain's Energy Secretary can talk green, says Peter Judge, but will he deliver on actual measures to promote green technology?

11 years ago

US Moves To Protect Electricity Grid From Attack

The Grid Reliability and Infrastructure Defense Act would take measures to protect the electricity grid from telecommunications intrusions

12 years ago

Greenpeace Admits Using ‘Dirty’ Power

Greenpeace has admitted that its hosting operations are powered by coal and nuclear power, after it criticised Facebook for building…

12 years ago