Electric cars

Rivian Delays Long Range SUVs, Pickups To 2023

Rivian has reportedly warned customers it will delay deliveries of its electric pickup and SUV models featuring big battery packs

4 weeks ago

Uber To Offer 50,000 Tesla Cars To Drivers

Mammoth Hertz deal to purchase 100,000 Tesla’s electric vehicles, will allow Uber to offer a Tesla for rent to its…

3 months ago

Ford Touts EVs For The Masses With $11.4bn For New Factories

New 'mega campus' in Tennessee and battery plants Kentucky will bring electric cars to the masses, not just the few,…

4 months ago

Tesla To Open Supercharger Network To Other EVs

Elon Musk confirms he will open Tesla's DC fast-charging stations (Tesla Supercharger network) to other types of electric vehicles in…

6 months ago

Connected Cars: The State of Digital Transport

The age of electric transport is here. As autonomous vehicles continue to develop and the digital space extends to personal…

7 months ago

Google Fined 100 Million Euros By Italian Antitrust Regulator

Stiff penalty imposed by Italian watchdog over Google's alleged decision to restrict access of one Italian firm to its Android…

9 months ago

Denmark Aims For 1 Million Electric Cars On Roads By 2030

Danish government plan finances 775,000 electric or hybrid vehicles as European countries push for petrol and diesel phase-out

1 year ago

Tesla Battery Day: Elon Musk Touts New Advances

Tesla's Elon Musk 'battery day announcements include 'tabless' batteries for improved range; goal of making a $25,000 Tesla; and cobalt…

1 year ago

Elon Musk: Tesla Open To Supplying Batteries To Other EV Makers

Makers of rival electric vehicles (EVs) could potentially be able to licence batteries, powertrains and software from Tesla for their…

1 year ago

UK To Ban Diesel, Petrol Car Sales From 2035

Environmental push. Boris Johnson announces Britain is to bring forward its ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles…

2 years ago

Dyson Axes Plan For Electric Car, 500 Jobs At Risk

Despite receiving government funding, Dyson says electric car project is not “commercially viable”

2 years ago

Tesla Cuts Price On US Electric Cars

Demand for electric vehicles not so great? Leading manufacturer cuts price on all models

3 years ago

Short Sellers Sue Tesla Over Shock Elon Musk Tweet

The announcement over Twitter of a plan to take the company private was fraudulently engineered to 'decimate' short sellers, two…

3 years ago

Jaguar Land Rover To Establish Ireland Software Development Centre

The research centre, staffed by 150 engineers, is to be located in Shannon, western Ireland, where Intel also has a…

4 years ago

Electric Cars Trend To Cause Job Losses, Warns Tyre Maker

Tyre maker predicts electric cars will cause job losses, but cannot predict how many jobs the electric trend will create

5 years ago

Tesla Eyes Complete Clean Energy Company With SolarCity Acquisition

Tesla has made a £1.9 billion acquisition bid for SolarCity in a "no brainer" deal to integrate solar power into…

6 years ago

US Researchers Make Electric Car Wireless Charging Breakthrough

Wireless charging (typically found in smartphones) could be on the way for electric cars after researchers find way to make…

6 years ago

Government Documents Show Dyson Is Working On Electric Car

Dyson using government funding to work on electric battery technology at Wiltshire headquarters

6 years ago

Aston Martin Signs Up Phone Maker LeEco For Electric Cars

Luxury manufacturer will work with Chinese company LeEco to create eco-friendly and connected RapidE S

6 years ago

UK Cities Get £40m Fund For Electric Car Rollout

Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London named as winners in Department for Transport’s electric car project

6 years ago

Electric Charging Motorway Trial For England

The quest for low-emissions continues with trial of under-the-road charging system for electric cars

6 years ago

EU Project Aims To Switch Data Centres Over To Car Batteries

The GreenDataNet project wants Europe's data centres to use second-hand car batteries to make the electric grid run more smartly

8 years ago

Wireless Electric Car Charger Trial Launched In London

Induction system charges cars - but might fry cats!

10 years ago

North East England Set For Smart Grid Trial

A smart grid project is being proposed that could see 14,000 smart meters installed in homes and business across the…

11 years ago

Ford Cars To Integrate With Microsoft Smart Metering Tech

Upcoming Ford electric vehicles will integrate with Microsoft's Hohm software which monitors utility consumption in homes and makes recommendations on…

12 years ago