The Age of the Paperless Office

We know that Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Ideally, we would have a totally electronic…

1 year ago

Judge Shows Leniency In Apple Ebook Conspiracy Ruling

A judge granted the US government oversight of Apple's content-distribution deals, also placing restrictions on Apple's agreements with publishers

8 years ago

Apple Found Guilty Of eBooks Conspiracy

A federal judge rules that Apple colluded with publishers to drive up the prices of ebooks

8 years ago

Microsoft Eyes E-Readers With £647m Nook Buy – Report

Microsoft is reportedly looking to move deeper into the ebook market with a buyout of the Nook joint venture

9 years ago

Tablets And E-Readers Spur More Book Reading

The arrival of e-readers and tablets has renewed people's love affair with reading, says a new Pew study

10 years ago

Apple Event Rumoured To Showcase Ebook Creation Tools

Apple's New York press event on Thursday will reportedly concentrate on creation tools for ebooks

10 years ago

Amazon Denies Airport Security Ruins Kindle Screens

Kindle users are complaining that airport x-ray machines zap their electronic ink displays

10 years ago

Amazon Sidesteps Apple With Kindle Browser Launch

Amazon has bypassed Apple's strict app policies after allowing Kindle e-books to be read in a browser

10 years ago

Dictionary Support For Google eBooks But Papers Go

The eBookstore adds search and translate features but plans to archive newspapers have been scrapped

11 years ago

Amazon Claims Kindle Ebooks Now Outsell Paperbacks

Though sales figures for the Kindle e-reader remain elusive, Amazon says it ships more ebooks than paperbacks

11 years ago

Google eBooks Burned By Samsung Nexus S

The launch of Google eBooks was overshadowed by the Nexus S, but a quick test shows they do the trick,…

11 years ago