WPA2 Eavesdropping Flaw ‘Affects All Wi-Fi Devices’

The 'KRACK Attack' exploit could allow an attacker to listen in on sensitive information sent over any protected Wi-Fi network,…

5 years ago

Alexa AI Hack Allows For Remote Eavesdropping

Who is listening? Older Amazon Echo devices can be rooted and turned into wiretapping machines

5 years ago

Has Google Been Eavesdropping On Chrome Users?

Privacy campaigners claim Google secretly installed voice recording service in Chromium browser, an accusation the search giant denies

7 years ago

Emergency Services At Risk From Soft Radio Hacking

Software defined radio (SDR) is opening mobile phones to new hacking threats, warns Digital Assurance

10 years ago

Mozilla Asked To Revoke Trustwave Certificates For Allowing SSL Eavesdropping

Although Trustwave revoked a certificate allowing a company to eavesdrop on users, Mozilla's community wants the CA removed as a…

11 years ago