US Copyright Office Adds Support For Right To Repair

With the right to repair movement supported by the Biden administration, US Copyright Office expands legal shield to fix tech…

1 month ago

UK Introduces Right To Repair, Others To Follow

Last week the government introduced ‘right to repair’ legislation in the United Kingdom, to tackle the long standing e-waste issue

5 months ago

Apple Fined $2 Million For Selling iPhone 12 With No Charger

Fined for breaking consumer law as Brazilian agency rejects Apple green claim for not including charger, as well as 'misleading'…

8 months ago

Right To Repair Law To Tackle E-Waste Problem

End to throw-away society? The UK to introduce 'right to repair' laws in the summer to tackle long standing e-waste…

9 months ago

Sonos Scraps Upgrade Scheme ‘Bricking’ Requirement

Sonos will no longer require existing users to permanently disable their speakers to take advantage of a 30 percent discount…

2 years ago

Sonos Criticised For Bricking Old Speakers

Recycle mode for a discount actually bricks expensive Sonos speakers, earning ire from owners over added ewaste being thrown away

2 years ago

EU Regulators Mull Action On Universal Smartphone Chargers

Frustrated at lack of progress towards universal phone charger, EU to consider whether to take action

3 years ago

Mobile Upgrade Cycle Is ‘Harming’ Environment

Current mobile contracts lead to the waste of valuable materials and add to landfill, finds a study, which says £110m…

6 years ago

iFixit, Microsoft Launch Device Repair Resource

The Pro Tech Network is intended to help launch thousands of new device repair businesses

7 years ago

Apple Offers Free Recycling For All Its Products

Apple outlines environmental vision, promising free recycling for all iPhones, iPads and Macs, with the prospect of a gift card…

8 years ago

European Parliament Backs Universal Smartphone Charger

Universal smartphone charger gets European backing in the hope it will make life easier for users and reduce e-waste

8 years ago

Giant Kenyan e-Waste Scheme Hopes To Clean Up Toxic Tech

A new e-waste business, backed by Dell, could cut toxic hazards for Kenyans

8 years ago

95 Percent Of Business Computers End Up In Landfill

Most firms break the rules,smash their e-trash and dump it with the bins

8 years ago

Solving E-Waste Will Take More Than A New WEEE Directive

Other rules have to change if we are going to re-use and recycle our e-waste properly, says Peter Judge

9 years ago

Poll: Do You Think WEEE Rules Are Rubbish?

Are WEEE rules overbearing - or not strict enough?

9 years ago

Updated WEEE Directive Sets Ambitious Recycling Targets

The EU wants to collect around ten million tons of European e-waste by 2020

9 years ago

Apple Abandons EPEAT Environmental Labels

Future products won't be designed to meet environmental guidelines

9 years ago

Could PCs-On-A-Stick Clear Up e-Waste?

Homekey's USB computer is supposed to get the older generation online, but Peter Judge thinks it could also reduce e-junk

10 years ago

Computer Aid Ships 200,000th PC To Developing World

Charity shifts focus from recycling to empowerment through third world projects

10 years ago

IBM Tackles e-Waste With Chinese Server Facility

IBM has opened its first server refurbishing facility in China in an effort to tackle the growing problem of e-waste

10 years ago

Better Tech Recycling Could Avoid Rare Metal Shortages

The tech industry is facing a new threat, not from restricted IT budgets but an increasing shortage of vital rare…

10 years ago

Environmentalists Turn WEEE Into Bins And Stools

Innovative South American utilitarian artists come up with novel ways to deal with growing e-waste problem

10 years ago

e-Waste Profiteering Costs UK Firms £50 Million Per Year

Firms charge for disposing of e-waste, even though the raw materials it contains give it a positive value, a report…

10 years ago

EU’s New WEEE Directive Fails On Reuse, Says Computer Aid

The EU has forgotten that re-use is better than recycling, says charity Computer Aid

10 years ago

CES 2012: EcoATM To Roll-out Automated Phone Recycling Machines Across US

ecoATM which gives instant cash for gadgets, helping to solve e-waste problem, shown at CES

10 years ago

EU’s E-Waste Reuse Target Branded ‘Pathetic’

The EU is focusing too much on recycling and not enough on reuse of e-waste, according to Comtek

10 years ago

Ghana Slum Faces Growing E-Waste Problem

The Ghanaian government is torn between a growing e-waste problem and the need for affordable IT equipment

10 years ago

WEEE Systems Aims To Help Firms Manage e-Waste

A new company called WEEE Systems launched today, to help organisations manage their electronic waste

11 years ago

UK Fuels e-Waste Black Market

An investigation found British e-waste made its way illegally to African nations for disposal

11 years ago

Fourteen Face Court For Flouting WEEE Rules

Fourteen defendants will face court accused of breaking WEEE rules over the export of electrical waste

11 years ago