Botnet Launches DDoS Attacks From Thousands Of Android Devices

The WireX botnet used hundreds of infected Android apps on Google Play and elsewhere to launch attack traffic against content…

5 years ago

Oracle Buys Domain Names Service Provider Dyn

The database giant looks to extend its cloud footprint with Dyn acquisition

6 years ago

Developer Pulls Anti-Mirai IoT Worm After Backlash

The 'anti-worm worm' was intended as a proof of concept, but experts warned of further security risk

6 years ago

‘Sophisticated’ DNS Attack Used IoT Gadgets To Target Dyn

The DDoS attack was unusual in its scale and was backed up by a large Mirai IoT botnet, Dyn says

6 years ago

Massive Cyber-Attack Shows Risk Of Poor Security On Network Nodes

ANALYSIS: While the details regarding the sources and methods of the Oct. 21 DDoS attack that took down vast areas…

6 years ago

Twitter, Spotify And Other Major Sites Disrupted By DDoS Attack On Dyn DNS

The attack was made against DNS host provider Dyn, which provides a traffic routing service for the sites.

6 years ago

Iraq Shuts Down Internet In Response To Baghdad Protests

Latest in questionable line of power tactics as Iraqi government turns off internet for nearly four hours

6 years ago

Internet Optimiser Dyn Raises £35m In New Funding

Internet performance management vendor Dyn cashes in on healthy 2016 outlook

6 years ago

How Physically Visualising The Internet Can Prove Vital For Retailers

Dyn's new Internet Intelligence tool helps businesses find the best cloud service provider for different regions

7 years ago

The Critic’s View – Cashless Payments Top Cash Transactions In The UK For The First Time

The UK is edging closer to ditching physical money – but what do the experts think?

7 years ago