ducts and poles

Government To Open Lampposts, Bus Shelters For 5G Expansion

Two year Government project to make it easier for operators to install 5G kit on street furniture such as lampposts…

3 months ago

UK Government £4m Trial For Fibre Cables In Water Pipes

Government trial to install fibre cables in water pipes to accelerate rollout of broadband and mobile signals in hard to…

4 months ago

Ofcom To Give Fibre Rivals Greater Access To BT’s Poles And Ducts

Greater access to Openreach infrastructure planned by Ofcom as it seeks to drive fibre investment

3 years ago

Ofcom Details Plan To Open Up BT Openreach Ducts & Poles

Regulator wants rivals to have fair access to BT's underground pipes and telegraph poles

5 years ago

EC Seeks Ways To Roll Out Cheaper Broadband

The European Commission opens a public consultation over how to reduce the costs associated with deploying fibre broadband

10 years ago

Geo Lashes Out At BT And Quits Broadband Scheme

Geo has announced it is “reluctantly” quitting BDUK, as Fujitsu successfully completes a trial using BT's ducting

10 years ago

TalkTalk Boss Slams BT Fibre ‘Monopoly’

Government support could give BT a monopoly, warns TalkTalk boss

10 years ago