Drone Deliveries

Amazon Given FAA Clearance To Expand Drone Deliveries

US aviation regulator grants approval for Amazon to expand its drone delivery service beyond 'visual line of sight'

3 weeks ago

Alphabet’s Wing Unveils Larger Drone For Bigger Payloads

Bigger drone for larger deliveries. New Wing drone can carry 2.3kgs, cruise at 65mph, with a 12 mile range

5 months ago

Amazon Drones Begin Medicine Deliveries In Texas

Customers of the Amazon Pharmacy service can now receive certain prescription medications via drone delivery in Texas

8 months ago

Amazon Loses Two Key Drone Delivery Executives – Report

Two key executives in Amazon's drone delivery operation have reportedly left, in another setback for delivery venture

10 months ago

Amazon Begins ‘Prime Air’ Drone Deliveries In California, Texas

Drones for Amazon Prime Air began making Christmas deliveries for two communities in California and in Texas

1 year ago

Royal Mail Drones To Aid Postal Deliveries To Remote Locations

The Royal Mail is to increase the use of drones to assist in the delivery of the post to remote…

2 years ago

Alphabet’s Wing To Begin Drone Delivery Service In US

After months of testing, Alphabet's Wing division will this week begin a commercial drone delivery service in the Dallas-Fort Worth…

2 years ago

Alphabet’s Wing Begins Drone Deliveries In Texas

Drone specialist Wing partners with Walgreens in the US to begin deliveries in major metropolitan areas, starting in Texas

3 years ago

Bird Attack Forces Google To Suspend Drone Deliveries

Angry birds! Google Wing delivery drones in the Australia capital of Canberra have been grounded after being attacked by ravens

3 years ago

Amazon Sacks Staff At Drone Division – Report

Has Amazon's ambitions to build its own inhouse drones crashed and burned? Retail giant lays off staff and turns to…

4 years ago

Tesco To Trial Drone Delivery Service

Late to the party? UK's biggest supermarket Tesco to trial drone deliveries for small basket-sized shops in southern Ireland

4 years ago

Amazon To Start Drone Deliveries ‘Within Months’

Amazon unveils latest version of its Prime Air delivery drone, after it finally gains FAA approval

5 years ago

Google’s Wing Drones To Begin Deliveries In Australia

Google claims launch of world's first commercial drone delivery service in the land down under

5 years ago

NASA, Amazon Look To France For Drone Air-Traffic Control System

Both organisations to utilise French drone expertise and less onerous laws to develop drone control systems

6 years ago

NATS To Develop Drone Air Traffic Control System

New systems to ensure no more near misses of drones and aircraft, and improved tracking of drone deliveries

6 years ago

Intel Insight Platform To Solve Drone Data Conundrum

Cloud-based platform to help enterprises with data volumes associated with commercial drone systems

7 years ago

Amazon Wants To Transform Logistics And Deliveries With Driverless Car Tech

Autonomous vehicles could be used by Amazon to lower shipping costs and speed up deliveries

7 years ago

Amazon Plots ‘Airship Warehouse’ For Drone Deliveries

Patent reveals plan to create ''airborne fulfilment centres' or 'flying warehouses' to act as mothership for drones

7 years ago

Drone Law Vetoed By Californian Governor

Shot down in flames? California bill to limit the use of drones is vetoed by the state governor

9 years ago

Amazon Wants ‘Sky Highways’ For Its Delivery Drones

Amazon uses NASA conference to propose dedicated drone air routes that would keep manned flights safe from drones and speed…

9 years ago