Drone Deliveries

Alphabet’s Wing Begins Drone Deliveries In Texas

Drone specialist Wing partners with Walgreens in the US to begin deliveries in major metropolitan areas, starting in Texas

1 month ago

Bird Attack Forces Google To Suspend Drone Deliveries

Angry birds! Google Wing delivery drones in the Australia capital of Canberra have been grounded after being attacked by ravens

2 months ago

Amazon Sacks Staff At Drone Division – Report

Has Amazon's ambitions to build its own inhouse drones crashed and burned? Retail giant lays off staff and turns to…

1 year ago

Tesco To Trial Drone Delivery Service

Late to the party? UK's biggest supermarket Tesco to trial drone deliveries for small basket-sized shops in southern Ireland

1 year ago

Amazon To Start Drone Deliveries ‘Within Months’

Amazon unveils latest version of its Prime Air delivery drone, after it finally gains FAA approval

2 years ago

Google’s Wing Drones To Begin Deliveries In Australia

Google claims launch of world's first commercial drone delivery service in the land down under

3 years ago

NASA, Amazon Look To France For Drone Air-Traffic Control System

Both organisations to utilise French drone expertise and less onerous laws to develop drone control systems

4 years ago

NATS To Develop Drone Air Traffic Control System

New systems to ensure no more near misses of drones and aircraft, and improved tracking of drone deliveries

4 years ago

Intel Insight Platform To Solve Drone Data Conundrum

Cloud-based platform to help enterprises with data volumes associated with commercial drone systems

4 years ago

Amazon Wants To Transform Logistics And Deliveries With Driverless Car Tech

Autonomous vehicles could be used by Amazon to lower shipping costs and speed up deliveries

5 years ago

Amazon Plots ‘Airship Warehouse’ For Drone Deliveries

Patent reveals plan to create ''airborne fulfilment centres' or 'flying warehouses' to act as mothership for drones

5 years ago

Drone Law Vetoed By Californian Governor

Shot down in flames? California bill to limit the use of drones is vetoed by the state governor

6 years ago

Amazon Wants ‘Sky Highways’ For Its Delivery Drones

Amazon uses NASA conference to propose dedicated drone air routes that would keep manned flights safe from drones and speed…

6 years ago