Ukraine Asks ICANN To Remove Russian Domains

Digital fightback by Ukraine sees official letter to internet domain body ICANN, requesting removal of Russian domains from global web

3 months ago

UK Holders Of .EU Domains Get Three-Month Reprieve

Holders of .eu domains based in the UK now have an extra three months to reinstate their domain before it…

1 year ago

ICANN Halts .Org Sale To Private Equity Group

Domain supervisor ICANN 'withholds consent' for the sale of the .org domain registry to a private equity firm, following months…

2 years ago

Microsoft Takes Control Of ‘Thallium’ Hacking Domains

Cyber win. Web domains used by North Korean hacking group Thallium have been seized by Microsoft

2 years ago

Google Joins GoDaddy In Withdrawing Domain Service To US Far Right Website

Google cancels Daily Stormer domain registration just 24 hours after GoDaddy withdrew its own service for post about killed protester

5 years ago

China Domain Proposals Prompt Web Crackdown Fears

Government proposal to create 'whitelist' of approved websites raises fears of further crackdowns on web users in China

6 years ago

New .scot Domain Name Launches To The Public

“Huge interest” for new top-level domains which become available today

8 years ago

Secure Domain Foundation Targets Domain-Based Security Issues

Backed by Facebook, Verisign and others, the SDF plans to develop tools to help battle Internet domain-based security threats

8 years ago

‘.London’ Domains To Launch On 29 April

YouGov poll finds over 200,000 London businesses are likely to claim new web address

8 years ago

Google And Yahoo Domains Hijacked In Ireland

The Irish domains of both Google and Yahoo were knocked offline after a serious security breach

10 years ago

ICANN To Reveal Domain Name Allocations

ICANN will today reveal who exactly is seeking the 2,000 plus new top-level domain names

10 years ago

ICANN Gets $350m, Offers Refund Over gTLDs

ICANN's new dot-name domain system is still down due to security, but it is definitely in demand

10 years ago

ICANN Says No gTLD Data Was Compromised

New top level Internet domains still on hold while ICANN sifts the evidence

10 years ago

Data Breach Keeps ICANN’s Dot-Anything Registration Down

Watch this space for news on ICANN's stalled gTLD application process

10 years ago

ICANN Reassures Over Dot-Anything Delay

New domains on hold while ICANN sorts out the registration system

10 years ago

Nominet Announces 10m .uk Registrations

The .uk domain remains massively popular, with solid growth over the last two years

10 years ago

Nominet Raises £3m In Short UK Domain Auction

Single-character domain names were in hot demand at Nominet's .uk auction, selling for an average of £39,000

11 years ago

Registration For .XXX Domains Opens

Companies have been given 50 days to get their hands on an adult domain name, or opt out all together

11 years ago

Internet Expands With 5.2m More Domain Names

The Internet continues to expand according to a study on domain registrations from VeriSign

11 years ago

Companies Buy Up .XXX Domains To Protect Brands

Businesses will have until 28 October to buy a .xxx domain for their trademark or opt out altogether

11 years ago

Nominet Inquires Into .UK’s Origins

The charity responsible for British domain registrations wants to determine what was the first .uk domain in 1985

12 years ago

Firms To Bid For New Short UK Domains

The UK's Internet registry is making one- and two-character domains available to the highest bidder

12 years ago

Russian Domains Increase As China Cans Spam

There has been a noticeable increase in Russian spam domains since China changed its domain registration requirements in 2009

12 years ago

Network Solutions Hack Affects Fewer Than Thought

A malware-distributing widget primarily targeted Chinese web servers, according to the company

12 years ago

Hacked Widget Compromises Parked Domains

The compromised widget launched a drive-by attack against users running Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera

12 years ago

Briton Holds Key To ‘Rebooting The Internet’

A Briton is one of only seven trusted people around the world to be given the power to "reboot the…

12 years ago