do not track

Firefox 69 Blocks Tracking Cookies, Crypto-mining

No more cryptominers or third party tracking cookies, Mozilla promises with new Firefox release

2 months ago

Facebook To Give Users Tracking Data Opt-Out

Do not track. New tool to give users the ability to stop apps and businesses sharing their data to the…

3 months ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With Firefox Lockwise Password Manager

Open source community also bolsters Firefox security with tracking protection set to default

6 months ago

Google Faces Multiple GDPR Complaints Over Location Tracking

I spy with my little eye? Seven European consumer groups file GDPR complaints against Google's location tracking

12 months ago

Mozilla To Block Firefox Ad-Tracking By Default

Firefox tightens its ad-tracking block credentials, for better privacy and to improve page loading speeds

1 year ago

Apple OS To Block Facebook Web Tracking Tools

Blow for Zuckerberg as Apple says it will block Faceboook's web tracking tools in new Mac OS and iOS

1 year ago

Facebook Tweaks Privacy Tools After Cambridge Analytica Scandal

As crisis continues, Facebook announces new privacy tools to give people 'more control' over their data

2 years ago

Login Managers Exploited By Third-Party Scripts To Capture User Emails

Hidden scripts are capturing user email addresses from browsers' login or password managers

2 years ago

‘Hundreds’ Of Websites Track User Keystrokes

Is it legal? Hundreds of websites are said to be tracking visitor keystrokes raising questions of legality

2 years ago

EU Privacy Proposal Demands User Consent

Do not track unless the user has consented, could present headaches for Facebook and Google

3 years ago