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Global Digital Tax Law Not Ready Until 2024, Says OECD

Corporation tax delay. Rollout of 15 percent tax agreement for big name corporations only likely in 2024, says head of…

8 hours ago

World Leaders Agree Corporation Tax Rate

Tax loophole finally closed? After years of talks, threats and tariffs, world leaders reach an historic agreement of 15 percent…

8 months ago

EU Halts Digital Tax Plan, Amid Ongoing OECD Effort

After G20 finance ministers agree to international corporate tax system of 15 percent, the EU puts its own digital tax…

11 months ago

US Sets, Then Suspends, 25 Percent Digital Tax Tariff On Six Countries

America sets, then suspends, a 25 percent import tariff on goods from six countries that have implemented a digital tax…

12 months ago

Canada Plans Digital Services Tax In 2022

Despite OECD talks on common approach, Canada becomes latest country to announce its own digital services tax on big tech

1 year ago

France Warns Big Tech To Pay Digital Tax In December

Pay up, pay up. France issues notices to big name tech firms such as Amazon and Facebook, to prepare to…

1 year ago

France Urges EU Digital Tax Rollout

French finance minister says the European Union should ready its own digital tax plans in case OECD negotiations about global…

2 years ago

Facebook To Pay France £96 Million In Back Taxes

France continues pursuit of back taxes from big name tech firms, after Facebook agrees to hand over £96 million to…

2 years ago

EU Urges US To Resume OECD Digital Tax Talks

EU says it still would still prefer to achieve digital tax compromise through OECD, but will push through new measures…

2 years ago

US Pulls Out Of Global Digital Tax Talks

European Union warns it will impose its own digital tax on technology giants, after the United States withdraws from global…

2 years ago

France Hits Back At US Trade Threat Over Digital Tax

After the United States begins investigations this week into digital tax scheme of some countries, France warns of unity risk

2 years ago

OECD Confirms Rewrite Of Global Tax Laws

Digital tax. 140 governments agree to rewrite cross border tax laws that will increase the tax paid by tech giants…

2 years ago

OECD Tells UK To ‘Hold Fire’ On Digital Tax

British plans to introduce a digital or tech tax in April should be delayed until a global consensus is reached,…

2 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Calls For Overhaul Of Global Tax System

Corporation tax needs global overhaul Cook says, as President Macron and President Trump declare truce in digital tax spat

2 years ago

France, US To Attempt Digital Tax Agreement In Two Weeks

Both countries have set the target of two weeks to reach agreement over France's implementation of a digital or tech…

2 years ago

Boris Johnson Victory: What It Means For Tech Sector

What does the general election victory of Boris Johnson and the Conservatives mean for the technology sector? Silicon UK takes…

2 years ago

Boris Johnson Backs Digital Tax, Despite US Opposition

Prime Minister defies US President Trump and insists British digital tax on US tech giants will proceed

2 years ago

Digital Tax Payback As US Vows Tax On Champagne, Cheese

Cheese, champagne, and handbags may be hit with punitive duties of up to 100% by the United States in response…

2 years ago

US Readies Response To French Tech Tax

US trade officials will on Monday reveal their proposed response to France's imposing a tax on mostly US tech firms…

2 years ago

Italy To Implement Digital Tax From January 2020

Country pushes ahead with 3 percent levy on internet transactions as digital tax negotiations continue on Europe-wide and global level

3 years ago

Tech Giants To Pay More Taxes Under OECD Proposals

Revolution in corporate taxation under draft proposals from OECD will see US tech giants pay more tax

3 years ago

EU ‘Prepared’ To Push Ahead With Digital Tax

If global plans fail to move ahead, new Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni says he will propose EU-wide tax targeting…

3 years ago

Google To Pay France $1 Billion To Settle Tax Dispute

Alleged fiscal fraud settlement sees Google pay France 500m euro penalty and 465m euro in tax

3 years ago

President Trump Orders French Digital Tax Investigation

French plan to impose 3 percent tax on French revenue of large tech firms prompts US investigation

3 years ago

Boris Johnson Calls For Digital Tax On Tech Giants

Candidate to be prime minister says current tax arrangements for tech giants is 'deeply unfair' to the high street

3 years ago

Global Tech Tax Rules To Be Agreed By 2020

Sorry Ireland. G20 finance ministers agree to close tax loopholes for tech firms by 2020

3 years ago

Vestager Calls For Europe To ‘Take The Lead’ On Digital Tax

European countries should push ahead with taxes aimed at fairer digital taxation and allow the rest of the world to…

3 years ago

US Labels Digital Tax On Tech Firms As ‘Highly Discriminatory’

Senior US Treasury officials labels the French digital tax as 'discriminatory' and 'ill conceived'

3 years ago

French Digital Tax To Swell Government Coffers

Nice little earner. French finance minister predicts its digital tax could bring in half a billion pounds a year

3 years ago

Germany Mulls Digital Tax On Tech Giants

Europe's largest economy considers imposing 'digital tax' on mostly US-based tech giants

3 years ago