digital copyright

Google Told By French Regulator To Pay For Re-using News Or Content

Google has been instructed by the French competition authority to pay French publishers and news agencies for re-using content or…

1 year ago

Poland Files Complaint Against EU Copyright Rule Change

Complaint filed in Europe's top court against controversial copyright law change recently adopted by EU

2 years ago

EU Countries Endorse Copyright Reform

Bad news for tech firms and meme creators as European countries approve reform of copyright rules

2 years ago

EU Copyright Reform Delayed After Meeting Cancellation

Reprieve for memes? EU efforts to reform copyright rules hit a delay after key meeting is called off

2 years ago

Kim Dotcom Loses Extradition Battle To US

Merry Christmas! New Zealand court rules the US can have him, but Kim pledges appeal

5 years ago

Dutch Court Overturns ‘Ineffective’ Pirate Bay Ban

The 'ineffective' ban on the Pirate Bay website has been overturned by a Dutch Court

7 years ago

Google Tweaks Search Algorithms For Copyright Clampdown

Google has upgraded its search algorithms to downgrade websites that constantly breach copyright laws

9 years ago

Google YouTube Targets MP3 Ripping Websites

Google is flexing its legal muscles against websites that extract MP3 audio from YouTube videos

9 years ago

Opposition To ACTA Grows As UK Braces For Protests

Two European countries have frozen work on ratification, and a day of protests is planned for 11 February

9 years ago

Sweden Grants Religious Recognition To File-Sharing Church

Sweden has accepted that a "church" which believes in file-sharing as a religion: a move that will not please the…

9 years ago

Lib Dems Seek To Repeal Parts Of Digital Economy Act

The Lib Dems have pledged to repeal some of the more controversial parts of the Digital Economy Act

10 years ago

Silicon Roundabout Asks For Copyright Overhaul

British tech firms have urged the Coalition government to change copyright law

10 years ago

Apple iCloud UK Launch Delayed Until Q1 2012

Apple's iCloud is not likely to hit UK shores until next year, due to ongoing negotiations with rights holders

10 years ago

BT And TalkTalk Appeal Against Digital Economy Ruling

BT and TalkTalk are to appeal against the ruling over the controversial copyright measures in the DEA

10 years ago

YouTube Tackles Content Piracy With Copyright School

YouTube is sending users who upload coprighted material to its service to a Copyright School

10 years ago

Open Internet: The Devil Is In The Detail

Preserving the open nature of the Internet can be more complicated than it seems, says the Internet Society's Markus Kummer

10 years ago