digital certificates

Google And Symantec Clash Over Certificate ‘Failures’

Search engine giant reduces trust level in Symantec-certificates, but security firm slams Google's “misleading” claims

5 years ago

Yahoo Certificate Security Is ‘Still Poor’ Despite Hack

Research finds that Yahoo has still not taken steps to improve its certificate security and encryption, despite massive data breach

6 years ago

China Outrage At Google Digital Certificate Rejection

Chinese administrator labels Google's rejection of its digital certificates as "unacceptable"

7 years ago

Digital Security Certificates Need Tight Management

Digital security certificates are the keys to the kingdom and require a high level of management to be effective, says…

11 years ago

Comodo Web Certificates Heist Linked To Iranian ISP

A Comodo Security partner was compromised and attackers issued valid digital certificates for popular Websites that would have potentially allowed…

11 years ago