Apple Agrees App Store Deal With Small Developers

Ahead of a ruling in App Store dispute with Epic Games, Apple agrees to ease restrictions for small developers over…

3 months ago

Microsoft’s New Version Of Windows To Arrive 24 June

Microsoft is to unveil its 'significant' Windows update on 24 June, in an event that includes Redmond's Surface executive

6 months ago

Apple Lowers Commission Charges For Small Developers

Sorry Epic Games, not you. Developers who earn less than $1m per year will see Apple commission charges drop from…

1 year ago

Study: Half Of All Developers Now Use JavaScript

But Google-backed Kotlin is fastest-growing language in percentage terms, while Python and Java continue to add developers at a steady…

2 years ago

Facebook Confirms Groups Privacy Mistake

Face palm time. 100 developers may have retained access to user data since Facebook rule change in April 2018

2 years ago

Study Finds Lukewarm Corporate Engagement With Open Source

Companies expect developers to use open source tools at work, but few make substantial contributions in return

3 years ago

Google Previews ‘Android P’ For Next-Generation Gadgets

The successor to Android 8.x 'Oreo' supports an iPhone X-style notch, along with improved indoor location, a new notification panel…

4 years ago

IBM Outlines Prospects For Java In 2018

ANALYSIS: Java is still hugely popular, particularly for client-server web applications, with 9m developers. Its beauty is that it’s an…

4 years ago

Google AutoML Will ‘Democratise’ AI By Minimising Skill Needed To Train Custom Models

Google AutoML tools will make it simple to train custom AI models that are 'beyond the dreams' of most engineers

4 years ago

Arrival Of Open Banking To Spearhead ‘Technological Revolution’ In Finance

Open Banking: New rules that require banks to share information with third party providers come into effect. But what does…

4 years ago

IT LIFE: Dan Martland, Edge Testing Solutions

Dan Martland from Edge Testing Solutions talks about how his hobby became a career and the importance of software testing

4 years ago

Facebook’s New London Office Will Hire 800 New Staff

Facebook brings engineers, tech and sales under one roof in London

4 years ago

CA Technologies CTO: We’ve Had To Adapt To Stay Relevant

CA WORLD 2017: CA Technologies UK CTO Rob Coleman explains the shift at the company and why its accelerator programme…

4 years ago

CA ‘Modern Software Factory’ Boosted By DevOps, Automation & Security Updates

CA WORLD 2017: CA releases 20 new products and enhancements as it preaches the power of change through software

4 years ago

GitHub Notifies Developers If Their Software Project Has A Security Issue

GitHub says move is an important step for open source security

4 years ago

Microsoft Touts Azure Databricks And IoT & AI Developer Tools

Additions to Azure include a new cloud analytics platform based on Apache Spark, called Azure Databricks

4 years ago

Microsoft Will Stop Manufacturing The Kinect, Stifling Future Developer Potential

Niche developers may mourn is passing, but they still have the HoloLens to work on

4 years ago

GitHub’s Diverse Community Will Be The Make Or Break Of Future Software Development

At 10 years old, GitHub needs its diverse community of users more than ever

4 years ago

Java 9 Debuts With Jigsaw Modular Approach At JavaOne

The long, slow process of building new Java releases is getting a major overhaul in Java 9 as project Jigsaw…

4 years ago

Dropbox DBX Platform Offers Up More APIs For App Developers To Harness

The cloud storage firm aims to make Dropbox an integration dream for developers

4 years ago

Linus Torvalds Wants Attackers To Join Linux Kernel Development

Speaking at the Open Source Summit in L.A., the Linux creator said he wants hackers to join Linux before they…

4 years ago

Oracle Proposes Java SE Release Cycle Change

More speed vicar? Oracle proposes to dramatically increase the release cycle tempo of Java SE

4 years ago

Why New CEO Will Keep COBOL A Key Focus of Micro Focus

INTERVIEW: As HPE merger takes effect, MicroFocus remains ground zero for COBOL, which still runs most major at-scale transaction systems

4 years ago

CloudBees Updates Jenkins Enterprise Edition To Boost Productivity

The latest release of CloudBees Jenkins improves the continuous software delivery platform by making it easier for DevOps teams to…

4 years ago

Google Previews ‘Android-Scale’ Augumented Reality Engine

The ARCore technology builds on the earlier 'Tango' AR project - but needs no additional hardware and can run on…

4 years ago

Startup Incubator Hopes To Make London The World’s Sports Tech Capital

Sports Tech Hub is inviting applications from startups ahead of its grand opening in october

4 years ago

Startup Showcase: HoloMe

HoloMe founder Janosch Amstutz explains why his firm can offer the most realistic humanoid holograms and the future of VR…

4 years ago

Oracle Considers Handing Java EE Over To Open Source Foundation

Oracle says it will still participate in development, but thinks Java EE would be better off under open source leadership

4 years ago

Silicon Readers Back Decision To Kill Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash support will end, but just how many of our readers think it should stick around - at least…

4 years ago

Nokia Admits Regret For Backlash Against Its Health Mate App

The Finnish firm made a few too many changes to the Withings fitness-tracking app

4 years ago