Deutsche Telekom

US Judge Approves T-Mobile’s Sprint Acquisition

Appeal by a number of US states that acquisition would violate antitrust laws and raise prices has been overruled by…

6 months ago

IFA 2019: DT’s 5G Network Switched On In Germany

Deutsche Telekom has switched on 5G networks in five German cities, including Berlin and Munich

11 months ago

Vodafone Wins Approval For Liberty Global Asset Acquisition

Deutsche Telekom not happy after European Union gives Vodafone's Liberty Global deal its antitrust blessing

1 year ago

Deutsche Telekom Switches On 5G Mobile Data In Berlin

Operator trials 'Europe's first live 5G data link' in the centre of the German metropolis

2 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Cyber Attack ‘Mastermind’ Arrested At London Airport

The police plan to extradite him to Germany where he could face up to ten years in prison

3 years ago

Ericsson, DT, SK Telecom Demo 5G Roaming

Successful 5G trial across two continents showcases roaming capabilities of next generation networks

3 years ago

Deutsche Telekom: Cyberattack Could Have Taken 900,000 Routers Offline

Deutsche Telekom refuses to rule out "external parties" as it rolls out software upgrade to affected routers

4 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Prepares Anti-Drone Defence System

The system will look to protect airports, car test tracks, stadiums and critical infrastructure from drone snooping

4 years ago

Huawei And Deutsche Telekom Launch ‘AWS-Beating’ Public Cloud

Deutsche Telekom goes live with Huawei-built Open TelekomCloud and digs at 'American competitors' on Amazon cloud's tenth birthday

4 years ago

MWC 2016: Samsung Showcases End-To-End 5G

Samsung, together with Deutsche Telekom, achieve speeds of 1.5Gbps on two smartphones at Mobile World Congress

4 years ago

Inmarsat Satellite In-Flight Wi-Fi Boosted By LTE Ground Network

Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom partner for European Aviation Network, with Lufthansa committing to trials for satellite-LTE in-flight broadband service

5 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Takes On Amazon, Google, With Huawei Cloud Deal

German network looks to more than double its cloud revenues in next few years

5 years ago

Deutsche Telekom And Orange Delay Planned EE IPO

EE IPO to be postponed with owners believing 4G adoption will increase value of operator

7 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Customers Test Clean Pipe Service

Germany advances efforts to escape foreign surveillance, as customers test DT's Clean Pipe service

7 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Calls For ‘German Internet’ Following Spy Scandals

Operator wants to protect Germans from foreign surveillance over concerns Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone was monitored

7 years ago

Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom Launch First Firefox OS Smartphones

Telefonica is to begin selling its Firefox OS-based smartphones in Spain, while Deutsche Telekom will launch the One Touch Fire…

7 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Values Share In EE At £10bn Ahead Of Possible IPO

Parent company prefers partial listing to sale of EE and agrees Vodafone TV deal in Germany

7 years ago

Deutsche Telekom And France Telecom Hire Banks For EE IPO – Report

EE IPO could be on the cards as parent companies hire banks to advise them

7 years ago

MWC 2013: IBM Teams Up With Deutsche Telekom For ‘Smarter Cities’ Products

IBM is building on Deutsche Telekom's Machine-To-Machine expertise to deliver integrated products for Smarter Cities projects around the world

7 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Pledges £24bn For German Fibre And LTE

Deutsche Telekom is to dwarf BT's broadband investment in the UK, with its own 30bn euro (£24bn) programme

8 years ago

MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom Agree NFC Mobile Payment Deal

Germany and Poland to benefit first from mobile payment deal

8 years ago

Germans Reveal 512Gbps Data Transmission Breakthrough

The fastest fibre transmission in the world, sent data at 512Gbps from Berlin to Hanover and back

8 years ago

AT&T And T-Mobile Marriage – It’s Complicated

Both telcos say the merger is on but AT&T is paying T-Mobile $4 billion for a missed deadline. Wayne Rash…

9 years ago

AT&T Stung With £2.6bn Charge For T-Mobile Deal

AT&T's troubled takeover of T-Mobile has left the operator facing a $4bn (£2.6bn) accounting charge

9 years ago

Apple iPhone 5 Offered On Preorder In Germany

Apple's forthcoming iPhone 5 is reportedly available to preorder in Germany from T-Mobile

9 years ago

Orange And T-Mobile Cut 1,200 Jobs

150 IT heads will roll, as Orange and T-Mobile merger Everything, Everywhere axes 1,200 jobs

10 years ago

Who Named The Orange / T-Mobile Merger?

The Lib-Servatives don't yet have a name for their coalition, says Tom Jowitt. Let's hope they do better than Orange…

10 years ago