Department of Justice

DoJ Sues ‘Gatekeeper’ Google Over Alleged ‘Illegal Monopoly’

Breakup threat. US Department of Justice lawsuit accuses Google of abusing its position to dominate search and search advertising

8 months ago

Former Uber Security Chief Charged For Data Breach Cover-Up

Uber's former security boss, Joe Sullivan, charged by US DoJ for covering up 2016 data breach, that was exposed a…

10 months ago

Tech Antitrust Probe Going ‘Full-Tilt’ – DoJ Official

Official antitrust investigation of technology giants is a major priority, deputy head of US Justice Department has confirmed

10 months ago

DoJ Charges Two Chinese Hackers Of IP And Coronavirus Vaccine Theft

As the US orders closure of Chinese consulate in Texas, the DoJ indites two Chinese hackers for IP theft and…

11 months ago

US Charges Four Chinese Military Officials Over Equifax Hack

The US Department of Justice has charged four Chinese military hackers with carrying out the 2017 breach of Equifax credit…

1 year ago

Apple App Developers Questioned As Part Of DoJ Antitrust Probe

US Justice Department officials question iPhone app developers as part of antitrust investigation of Apple and other technology giants

1 year ago

Apple Hits Back Over ‘Refusal’ To Unlock Pensacola Shooter’s iPhones

Here we go again. US Attorney General says Apple failed to help unlock terrorist iPhones, but Apple says it has…

1 year ago

Hauwei Accuses FBI Of Harassing Workers

Chinese firm alleges FBI is being used to 'threaten, menace, coerce, and incite' its staff after camera allegations

2 years ago

Pacific Undersea Cable Faces National Security Concerns

Undersea cable funded by Google and Facebook faces DoJ national security concerns over a Chinese investor

2 years ago

FTC Boss Ready To Breakup Big Tech Firms

US FTC boss admits he is prepared to break up big name tech firms amid anti-competitive investigation

2 years ago

DoJ Announces Anti-Trust Probe Of Tech Firms

'Market leading online platforms' face DoJ investigation over alleged anti-competitive practices

2 years ago

Chinese Citizens Charged For Infamous Anthem Hack

US Justice Department has indicted Chinese citizens for Anthem hack and other attacks on US businesses

2 years ago

US Government Pressures Facebook Over Messenger Encryption

Officials want Facebook's help to crack encryption, so they can listen to suspect's voice conversations

3 years ago

Microsoft Ends ‘Gag Order’ Lawsuit Against US Government

Microsoft said the US Department of Justice has changed its policy in the use of data search warrants accompanied gag…

4 years ago

US Hosting Firm Hails ‘Win’ On Protest Site User Data

Dreamhost said it plans to hand over data on users of a protest organisation website to the US government, after…

4 years ago

US Government Seeks Information On Thousands Of Protest Website Visitors

Dreamhost said it plans to fight a search warrant demanding information on a protest site, including the IP addresses of…

4 years ago

America To Charge Iranian Nationals Over Cyber-Attacks – Report

DoJ to file hacking charges against six Iranian nationals accused of hacking banks and New York dam

5 years ago

US Tightens Mobile Phone Tracking Rules

End of the free-for-all? Search warrant now required for devices that track mobile phone locations

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Surrenders Email Server To FBI

FBI takes presidential hopeful’s private email server into custody to check for US government policy breaches

6 years ago

Two Arrested After ‘Largest Ever’ Data Breach

Three charged in the United States following major data breach, authorities confirm

6 years ago

Samsung Fined For Alleged American Porky Pie

Samsung dips into pocket change for paltry fine for “misleading” resellers to the US government

7 years ago

Electronic Frontier Foundation Sues The FBI

The non-profit organisation demands information about FBI’s Next Generation Identification biometrics database

8 years ago

Apple: E-Book Collusion Claims Simply Not True

Apple says the DoJ is wrong to suggest the iPhone maker did anything illegal

9 years ago

Oracle Faces Federal Anti-Bribery Probe

Federal officials have begun an investigation into Oracle for allegedly violating anti-bribery laws

10 years ago

DoJ Bids To Halt AT&T Merger With T-Mobile

A bid to create the largest mobile operator in the United States has been blocked by the US DoJ

10 years ago

Google Has Protected Motorola Against DoJ Scrutiny

A block on Google's Motorola purchase by the US Justice Department or the EC will net Motorola $2.5 billion

10 years ago