Department Homeland Security

US Senate Finds Systemic Cybersecurity Failures In Federal Agencies

Personal data of millions of Americans is at risk because of cybersecurity failures at multiple federal agencies, US Senate report…

10 months ago

US To Issue Cyber Protection Rules For Pipelines After Colonial Hack

Amid Colonial Pipeline hack fallout, US DHS issues cyber protection rules for American pipelines to safeguard critical infrastructure

12 months ago

President Trump Fires CISA Cyber Boss Chris Krebs

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (Cisa) boss Chris Krebs has been 'terminated' by Trump after he contradicted President's claims

2 years ago

FBI Accuses China-linked Hackers Of Attacking Coronavirus Researchers

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security say China-linked hackers are attacking US firms carrying out Covid-19 research

2 years ago

Coronavirus: UK, US Warn Hackers Are Exploiting Pandemic

Cybersecurity officials in the UK and US are warning that state-backed hackers and criminals are taking advantage of the Coronavirus…

2 years ago

US Revives Airplane Cybersecurity Bug Hunt

Department of Homeland Security revives program to identify cybersecurity flaws in modern aircraft

3 years ago

Former Mozilla CTO Ordered To Unlock Devices At US Border

Apple staffer and American citizen Andreas Gal detained by US border agents after refusing to unlock devices

3 years ago

US Blames Russia For Energy Grid Attacks

United States officials have for the first time publicly blamed the Russian government for two years of cyber attacks on…

4 years ago

US Customs To Request Social Media Data For Passengers

Fresh privacy concern? US Customs proposes to screen social media profiles of travellers to the United States

6 years ago

Celebrity Hacker Arrested By Homeland Security

Christmas fail. Hacker stole celebrity sex tapes and film scripts, and then tries to sell them to uncover agent

6 years ago

Disgruntled Staff Pose Insider Threat Risk, FBI Warns

Beware the threat from within, says new warning about the hacking risk from unhappy employees

8 years ago

US Government Security Contracts Trigger Industry Interest

Security companies are battling to secure up to £3.9bn worth of contracts from the American government

9 years ago

American Cyber-Security Boss Abruptly Steps Down

The boss of the American cyber security division has unexpected handed in his resignation

11 years ago

Homeland Security Warns Of Malware Infected Electronics

Homeland Security in the US has said that consumer devices are purposely being shipped with malware

11 years ago

US Government Closes Counterfeit Goods Websites

US government authorities have closed 82 websites that it deemed were selling counterfeit goods

11 years ago

RSA: US Defence Experts Discuss Security Versus Privacy

Former US Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and former Bush administration cyber-security advisor Richard Clarke laid out the privacy…

12 years ago