denial of service

Dutch Police Shut Down DDoS Services

As people around the world turn to online services during the pandemic, hackers seek profits from denial-of-service and ransomware attacks

8 months ago

Far-Right Website 8chan Offline After Cloudflare Withdraws Services

Site goes offline following involvement in shootings in Texas, with Cloudflare accusing it of 'directly inspiring tragic events'

1 year ago

Scammers Targeting MacOS With Denial-Of-Service Attacks

This follows the discovery of a similar type of attack in November where an HTML5 API caused browsers to freeze

4 years ago

AWS Shield To Safeguard Web Apps From DDoS Nastiness

Amazon introduces AWS Shield managed service to protect against crippling DDoS attacks

4 years ago

‘BlackNurse’ Firewall Bug Heightens DDoS Risk

UPDATED: A bug in firewalls from Cisco and others would allow a single laptop to take large websites offline

4 years ago

‘Sophisticated’ DNS Attack Used IoT Gadgets To Target Dyn

The DDoS attack was unusual in its scale and was backed up by a large Mirai IoT botnet, Dyn says

4 years ago

Greater Manchester Police Website Suffers DoS Attack

Police website knocked offline for several hours following denial-of-service attack

5 years ago

British Teenagers Arrested Over ‘Lizard Stresser’ Attacks

Six suspects are accused of paying to mount denial-of-service attacks on prominent organisations

5 years ago

High Bandwidth DoS Grow Alarmingly

A new report reveals the scale of the modern denial-of-service attacks, most of which exceed 1Gbps

7 years ago

FBI Warns Of DoS Attacks On Emergency Telephones

US authorities are warning about Telephone Denial of Service attacks against emergency telephone systems

8 years ago

More US Banks Hit By Attackers

Two more US banks were hit by denial-of-service attacks which caused outages in spite of advance warning

8 years ago

Oracle Halts Denial Of Service Threat With Patches

Oracle has issued patches to close down a vulnerability that could cause a denial of service in some products

9 years ago

The Accidental Terrorist – Anonymous’ Stooges Stage Attacks

A poisoned Website is tricking innocent visitors into becoming an unwitting part of the Anonymous DDoS army

9 years ago

Hacker Tool Targets SSL Flaw

A hacker tool is able to bring down SSL servers using a laptop and a standard Internet connection

9 years ago

Patch Promise For Apache Killer DoS Vulnerability

Apache has promised to patch a vulnerability that exposes Web servers to denial of service attacks

9 years ago

Hong Kong Exchange News Site Blocked By DDoS

A distributed denial of service attack hit the HK Stock Exchange News Web but trading was relatively unaffected

9 years ago

Anonymous Responds To Italian Arrests

Anonymous has played down the significance of the arrested suspects in Italy and Switzerland

9 years ago

Anonymous Targets Head Of US Federal Reserve Bernanke

Anonymous has identified the US Federal Reserve as a potential target and urged its boss to stand down

9 years ago

Scotland Yard Has Been After Anonymous for Months

Scotland Yard has confirmed it has been investigating Anonymous since before the WikiLeaks wars broke out

10 years ago

WikiLeaks Hit By More Attacks

A new denial of service attack has hit WikiLeaks following its release of confidential government cables

10 years ago