Kaseya Denies Paying REvil Hackers For Decryption Tool

Kaseya refused to negotiate with REvil ransomware gang, and has strongly denied paying a ransom in order to obtain decryptor…

6 months ago

Researchers Release Decryptor Tool For ‘Paradise’ Ransomware

Paradise 'ransomware-as-a-service' latest to be hacked by security researchers, who have released keys for most of its dozens of variants

2 years ago

Programmer Hacks Ransomware Crooks, Releases Decryption Keys

German developer releases thousands of decryption keys for Muhstik ransomware after being forced to pay out £600 to decrypt his…

2 years ago

Final Decryption Tool Published As ‘GandCrab’ Ransomware Developers Retire

The malware was distributed via a highly successful affiliate nework that saw it at one point accounting for half of…

3 years ago

Researchers Release WannaCry Decryption Tool

Users may be able to recover files without paying a ransom using a tool that searches a system's memory to…

5 years ago