Patient Dies In Germany After Hospital Ransomware Attack

Real world consequence of ransomware attacks. A female patient has died as a result of a cyberattack at a German…

1 month ago

Martin Lewis Calls For Action As Fake Ad Reports His Death

No, the founder of MoneySavingExpert and well known money saving expert Martin Lewis, is not dead, despite fake adverts to…

8 months ago

Facebook Cancels F8 Developer Conference Over Coronavirus

As shares on Wall Street and global market continue to tumble, Facebook cancels its annual developer conference due to coronavirus…

8 months ago

New Tesla Fatal Accident To Be Investigated

Tesla vehicle allegedly may have been on autopilot when it ran a red light at the weekend and killed two…

10 months ago

Safra Catz Confirmed As Oracle CEO After Mark Hurd Death

Larry Ellison confirms Safra Catz as the sole CEO of Oracle going forward, after the tragic death of fellow CEO…

11 months ago

Autopilot Tesla Crashes Into Police Car

Tesla Model 3 in autopilot self-driving mode crashes into stationary police car in the US, as driver was occupied checking…

11 months ago

Twitter Readies Cull Of Inactive Accounts

Inactive Twitter users have to log in to their account and agree to updated privacy policies before 11 December to…

11 months ago

Facebook Improves AI For Dealing With Deceased Members

Artificial intelligence to identify profiles of those who have passed away, to stop pain for family

2 years ago

Uber Not Liable For Fatal Accident

Uber not responsible for death of pedestrian during autonomous vehicle testing in Arizona last year

2 years ago

Tech Pays Tribute To Microsoft’s Paul Allen

Another tech titan passes away, after co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, dies aged just 65

2 years ago

Andy Grove, Former Intel CEO And Silicon Valley Pioneer, Dies Aged 79

Death of a tech titan. Silicon Valley mourns after the passing of Andy Grove, Intel mastermind

5 years ago

Apple Investigators Clear Chinese Factory After Worker Dies

Apple dispatched medical experts to investigate after the death of a worker at a contractor factory in China

7 years ago

Open Source Mourns Death Of Fedora Veteran

Longtime member of Red Hat's Fedora team Seth Vidal was killed on his bicycle by a hit-and-run driver

7 years ago

Google Allows Users To Manage Personal Data After They’re Dead

New Inactive Account Manager works as a will for digital content

8 years ago

Programmer Sentenced To Death In Iran For Upload Software

Human rights groups call for Saeed Malekpour to be released and allege torture

9 years ago

Secret Service Investigates Fake Obama Twitter Post

The Secret Service is looking for the hackers who used a Fox News Twitter Account for the Obama death Tweet

9 years ago

Spammers And Scammers Make Bin Laden Killing

Scammers have wasted no time in putting out Osama bin Laden rogue AV, fake codecs and Facebook scams

10 years ago