ddos attack

Flightradar24 Suffers Repeated Cyberattacks

Popular aviation website Flightradar24 admits three cyberattacks in a two day period, after services knocked offline for hours

3 weeks ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Restored After Four Day DDoS Attack

NSX stock exchange in New Zealand restored after being offline for four days, due to a prolonged DDoS cyberattack from…

2 months ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Suffers DDoS Cyberattack

Dress rehearsal for attack on larger exchange? Two days outage for New Zealand's NZX, following 'offshore' DDoS cyberattack

2 months ago

Small-scale DDoS Attacks On The Rise – Neustar

Under the radar small-scale DDoS attacks have risen significantly, but the ability of companies to identify attacks remains a concern

1 year ago

Criminals Arrested As Webstresser DDoS Website Taken Down

National Crime Agency involved in international operation to take down website behind four million cyber attacks

2 years ago

Humans Remain Weak Link, But Ransomware Is Biggest Threat – Verizon

Pesky humans still falling victim to social attacks, Verizon report finds, but ransomware has become the largest malware threat

3 years ago

GitHub Briefly Taken Offline In Largest-Ever DDoS Attack

The popular code-hosting site was taken offline for 10 minutes after being targeted by a massive 1.35Tbps DDoS attack

3 years ago

Online Security Incidents Cost Banks £1.4 Million A Pop

Financial organisations need to consider the cost implications of cyber threats such as DDoS attacks

3 years ago

Botnets Target FCC Website Over Net Neutrality, Researchers Say

Researchers claim bots are spamming US regulator website over net neutrality rule change proposal

3 years ago

FCC Website ‘Attacked’ After John Oliver Net Neutrality Call To Arms

US regulator claims website attack, hours after British comedian urges people to protest against rule change

3 years ago

MPs: Foreign Governments ‘Interfered’ With Brexit Vote

Evidence suggests a DDoS attack was used to take down the voting registration site before the landmark vote

4 years ago

Mirai Botnet Starts Mining For Bitcoins In New Twist

Researchers discover a new strain of the notorious Mirai botnet which goes bitcoin hunting

4 years ago

Mirai Botnet Hits US College With Massive 54 Hour Attack

Mirai returns (or at least a variant of it) warns researchers at Imperva Incapsula who witnessed the attack

4 years ago

Lloyds To Transfer 1,900 Jobs To IBM In £760m Cost-Cutting Move

Lloyds Trade Union says contract could make the bank more vulnerable to cyber attacks

4 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Cyber Attack ‘Mastermind’ Arrested At London Airport

The police plan to extradite him to Germany where he could face up to ten years in prison

4 years ago

DDoS Attack Takes Down Austrian Parliament Website

The DDoS attack, one of the most common cyber threats, is being investigated by authorities

4 years ago

Imperva Issues DDoS Warning After Fending Off 650Gbps Attack

The attack provided a fitting end to 2016, as well as a sign of things to come for the year…

4 years ago