ddos attack

Cyber Attack On Taiwan’s Presidential Office, Amid Nancy Pelosi Visit

Website of Taiwan's presidential office suffrs an overseas cyber attack on Tuesday, amid US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit

2 weeks ago

Norway Hit By DDoS Cyber Attacks From Pro Russian Group

Norwegian national security agency warns pro-Russian group has targetted private and public institutions in Norway with DDoS attacks

2 months ago

New Zealand Banks, Post Offices Downed By DDoS Attack

Websites belonging to the national postal service and banks in New Zealand, have been knocked offline on Wednesday in an…

11 months ago

Fancy Lazarus DDoS Extortion Group Back With New Campaign

Warning from Link11, after it notices sharp increase in ransom focused distributed denial of service (RDDoS or RDoS) attacks

1 year ago

Flightradar24 Suffers Repeated Cyberattacks

Popular aviation website Flightradar24 admits three cyberattacks in a two day period, after services knocked offline for hours

2 years ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Restored After Four Day DDoS Attack

NSX stock exchange in New Zealand restored after being offline for four days, due to a prolonged DDoS cyberattack from…

2 years ago

New Zealand Stock Exchange Suffers DDoS Cyberattack

Dress rehearsal for attack on larger exchange? Two days outage for New Zealand's NZX, following 'offshore' DDoS cyberattack

2 years ago

Small-scale DDoS Attacks On The Rise – Neustar

Under the radar small-scale DDoS attacks have risen significantly, but the ability of companies to identify attacks remains a concern

3 years ago

Criminals Arrested As Webstresser DDoS Website Taken Down

National Crime Agency involved in international operation to take down website behind four million cyber attacks

4 years ago

Humans Remain Weak Link, But Ransomware Is Biggest Threat – Verizon

Pesky humans still falling victim to social attacks, Verizon report finds, but ransomware has become the largest malware threat

4 years ago

GitHub Briefly Taken Offline In Largest-Ever DDoS Attack

The popular code-hosting site was taken offline for 10 minutes after being targeted by a massive 1.35Tbps DDoS attack

4 years ago

Online Security Incidents Cost Banks £1.4 Million A Pop

Financial organisations need to consider the cost implications of cyber threats such as DDoS attacks

5 years ago

Botnets Target FCC Website Over Net Neutrality, Researchers Say

Researchers claim bots are spamming US regulator website over net neutrality rule change proposal

5 years ago

FCC Website ‘Attacked’ After John Oliver Net Neutrality Call To Arms

US regulator claims website attack, hours after British comedian urges people to protest against rule change

5 years ago

MPs: Foreign Governments ‘Interfered’ With Brexit Vote

Evidence suggests a DDoS attack was used to take down the voting registration site before the landmark vote

5 years ago

Mirai Botnet Starts Mining For Bitcoins In New Twist

Researchers discover a new strain of the notorious Mirai botnet which goes bitcoin hunting

5 years ago

Mirai Botnet Hits US College With Massive 54 Hour Attack

Mirai returns (or at least a variant of it) warns researchers at Imperva Incapsula who witnessed the attack

5 years ago

Lloyds To Transfer 1,900 Jobs To IBM In £760m Cost-Cutting Move

Lloyds Trade Union says contract could make the bank more vulnerable to cyber attacks

5 years ago

Deutsche Telekom Cyber Attack ‘Mastermind’ Arrested At London Airport

The police plan to extradite him to Germany where he could face up to ten years in prison

5 years ago

DDoS Attack Takes Down Austrian Parliament Website

The DDoS attack, one of the most common cyber threats, is being investigated by authorities

6 years ago

Imperva Issues DDoS Warning After Fending Off 650Gbps Attack

The attack provided a fitting end to 2016, as well as a sign of things to come for the year…

6 years ago